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Sparkasse Krefeld

These can be single SD cards and the rights “rename files / delete”, “Files”, “Archive bit set”Send files”” and “email” have to. Also, the mySND control center of set up file filters, is used to determine which file types (.jpg, .pdf etc.) can access a specific user account. Up to 16 users have access to a file access server at the same time. The mySND-120 is the user interface for file access file browser and displays the files for the user account on the storage media. Storage devices used with the mySND-120 have FAT12/16 or FAT32 file system. An appropriate formatting through the device is possible. So that only the SD cards desired in the used up to 16 SD cards can be with the user accounts link. Users can then only access SD cards, which are assigned to their user accounts.

This minimizes the risk, to bring about SD cards malware in the enterprise network. In addition, features such as encryption, password protection, access control and included circuit ensures safety. Automatic data transmission via E-Mail the configuration options of the mySND-120 allow automated email if user SD cards or USB storage media connect, lying in a folder to defined files of a specific file type on the. Up to six file types can be set to the transmission. With SD cards, the data can be sent or freely chosen either to users associated with the user account. When connecting a USB stick, you can freely define up to two recipients. An archive bit (transfer label) features files transferred.

These are not sent at the connection of the storage medium. mySND-120 in the practical test at the Sparkasse Krefeld of the mySND-120 file access server has already been tested in advance by the Sparkasse Krefeld on its practicality. Conclusion: The device ensures significantly improved Work with others to manage photo files for the real estate business in the 67 branches in Krefeld and in the surrounding area.