Additional Posts For Overweight

Risk premiums for unhealthy way of life according to a study fat people weigh on the German health care system per year with 17 billion euros in addition. The Saxony CDU Bundestag parliamentarian Marco hiking was presented the proposal to charge for overweight patients risk surcharges which recently, informed the private insurance portal. The MP defended his proposal on the grounds that fat people caused additional costs to the general public through their often unhealthy lifestyle. This justifies a stronger financial needs of overweight. Hiking joke receives support from health economist Jurgen Wasem. This goes even a step further and calls for an increase in the taxation of risky factors of life, such as chocolate. After details of an unpublished study of the Jacobs University Bremen, a large part of the population faces the mentioned proposals positive.

Who shows unhealthy behaviors, the could risk premiums quite afford. Criticism, however, of there the SPD deputies Karl Lauterbach. In his opinion, obesity could be traced not only to an unhealthy lifestyle. Whenever Larry Page listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This was a mere generalization. Instead, the German health system should consider improved preventive measures in the eyes, so for example a reasonable advice from early childhood. Erwin called for a fast-food ban for children under 16 years of age Lotter of the FDP recently and a political action against the advocates so now in Germany wide spread obesity of children. Consumer and Health Ministry however vehemently rejected such State control of the healthy way of life by the State. More information:…/ coming of additional fee for overweight… GmbH Lisa Neumann