Agriculture Biodynamics

Ahead of such dominant premises the alternative thought appears that bases the Agroecologia, mainly, in the construction of its concept definition of its objectives. The main premises are the Holismo that claims the vision of the system from the parts, of the relation enters these, of the external relations. It is the vision in the multidimensional direction. The Determinismo claims the knowledge of the parts without leaving to accept the Mechanism. The relations between the parts can be fixed, also, 0 variable, depending on the evolution of the relations of the parts. The Contexturalismo defined the phenomena as being provoked for great number of particular factors in the time and the space. Pluralism looks for to show that the complex systems only can know by means of multiple factors and different thoughts. It can be emphasized that the Agroecologia does not deny the learnings with the Agricultural Science of the current productive systems? it only expands the knowledge to perfect and to improve the way that we act in the world.

Certain conceptual confusion between Ecological Agroecologia and Agriculturas is observed, today, amongst them, especially in relation to Agriculture Organic. Ecological agriculture appears to translate a variety of manifestations that came being treated as Alternative Agricultures, between them: Natural agriculture, Organic Agriculture, Biological Agriculture, Agriculture Biodynamics, Permacultura and others. Ecological Agricultures nor always apply the principles of the Agroecologia; the first ones are come back exclusively toward market niches; while the last one has an ecological and social dimension, being a theoretical, orienting referencial for the experiences of Ecological Agriculture that gains character applied concrete when to the local realities; the local experiences can validate the principles, pondering each one and enriching the proper theoretical conception of the Agroecologia, this has inhaled and contributed for the construction of a bank of references with potential to inspire to the drawing and the sustainable handling of agroecossistemas in the most varied conditions.