Akio Susume

You know. -But the truth is I do not want to be in a place. I will not understand anything they say. Leila Susume: not all are Japanese. Many speak your language. So do not worry about it. You’ll see that you will get used over time. Only a matter for resignation.

Hideaki Susume: Okaasan-mother-right. It’s about time my dear son. Akio: I really wanted to come to an institute, but not in this class. Hideaki Susume: a matter of time. Leila Susume: we’re here. Now for the address to indicate the room where you live. Akio: vale.

When I went everything was well organized, very clean. Many boys and girls watching me, saying: Chico again! And as Mom said, had girls and boys of America, not just Japanese. Although I was surprised to see everything in Japanese. All these symbols who call letters in Japan. That art so explicit with tremendous courage striking. We went through many steps to reach room director. This institute was mega huge. Upon arrival, the director greeted my parents with great affection. And I said: Welcome to school-United Nihongo! This young man is here called: Hiroshi Aya (?) And he will stay to teach all over the place and be your roommate. He is Japanese. I hope you get well all their time at school. “Hiroshi Aya: Nice, I’m hiroshi. And you what is your name? Akio: I Akio Susume. And I’m half Japanese and American.