Amnesty International

And hunger increases due to the lack of investment in agriculture, unfair competition by lower prices, climate change, the increase in population and the massive demand for biofuels. In addition, millions of people who depend on food aid, as in Zimbabwe, converted to currency of Governments to control their political opposition. The dismissal of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers reduces remittances that amounted to about $ 200 billion annually, and that are an important source of income in countries such as Bangladesh, the Philippines, Kenya and Mexico. This reduces the income of Governments and, therefore, funds for basic goods and services. But although the job market shrinks, follows increasing migratory pressure. In 2008 alone, 67,000 people undertook the dangerous voyage to Spain by the Mediterranean; It is not known how many died during the journey. The solution of the countries of the European Union are bilateral agreements with third countries, such as Mauritania, where you can stop arbitrarily detain in precarious conditions and deport without any legal warranty. The same leaders who are busy to bring forward the global economy stimulation programmes continue to ignore bloody conflicts that are spawning massive human rights abuses.

These conflicts exacerbate poverty and threaten regional stability. The world needs a different leadership, a different political and economic model that works equally for all people. A leadership that push solutions inclusive, sustainable and respectful of human rights. But to become effective leaders, the G-20 countries must first address to its own double standard in the defence of human rights. Amnesty International has just launched a new global campaign, demand dignity, which will mobilize people to put pressure on political leaders and company, and achieving accountable for abuses against human rights which generate poverty.