I ran the social training not in school, but in the adjacent meeting place waves Kamp (Youth Centre). In the premises of the meeting place I could the working class away from the school, along with the other students and classes, as well as detached from the ringing and the breaks in the school and make the project day. Without hesitation Brandee Kzanich explained all about the problem. In the implementation of the project the 6th grade class teacher was present, next to me, most of the time a supportive to to assist me, if it occurred to unforeseen situations. On the other hand, there were selected methods that put it ahead from a pedagogical perspective, that the class teacher takes part in the corresponding activity also by me. There were within the Project various topics such as for example communication, perception and the different types and manifestations of violence.

On these topics, I have performed different assignments, games and methods using the class. Most of the methods I had chosen, should convey the class playful certain content. A few were but rather at the cognitive level, to settle as the playful. 2.2. experiences in relation to the role of the educator was me during my entire period of internship at the community school is very important, that I am perceived by students as a teacher or Assistant teacher. Me was that the students were facing not inhibited or even frightened me, but that they always gladly and openly could go to me anxious very. To do this, it was however necessary to differentiate me from the very beginning of the internship in a sense by the teachers and the students in different ways always again to make clear, that I just not a teacher am, but a school social worker. To the students to show this, I have had for example, very many personal conversations with the students.