We normally use these two words as if they had a life of its own. There is a widespread personification in the world for the good: God. On the other hand, the evil is personified by Satan. Do but perhaps these two words mean in truth that there is a reality embodied in two opposed characters as they are God and Satan? Usually if something good happens or some action we consider as worthy of being rated as good, it is automatically attributed to God. And the same for the Association of evil with Satan. But this is no more than a necessary abstraction for many in the sense that allows separate actions of others. The problem is that when grouped by artificial systems and, in this case, very subjective concepts, runs the risk of skewing the facts different natural and social, only achieving a dangerous confusion.

Since time immemorial, mankind was gradually creating imaginary beings that, in an initial stage, representing the same nature, and subsequently other beings that covered needs and placated fears. With this, they were gradually attributing characteristics and human behaviors to these beings. In a third stage, these beings were used to handle large masses of people, i.e., for political purposes and power. But, obviously, each new stage kept almost intact the characteristics of the previous stages, and this is evident when we see today is the concept of God or Satan: beings who in different but complementary, ways have been and are used to maintain a general order among Nations and reduced social circles; beings giving comfort or provide eternal punishment; beings who represent even nature itself, since they can be found and associated with anything or be existing on our planet alive. But, as God is the one that represents the good, there had to be a counterpart: Satan. And we can see this pattern in different cultures throughout human history. Every culture represents the good in one or more gods and evil in many others.