Bad Habit

How to train a dog when it comes to correcting bad habits of behavior. He always tries to surprised your dog at the precise moment of the bad habit. Remember that correcting a dog after having the bad behavior is completely useless. Don’t waste time on it! Only will be able to confuse him if take that attitude. Unless you stop your dog in the middle of the action, it is likely that the rebuke makes very little sense for him. Wherever possible – it is not always-, surprised in the Act – for example the table leg chewing or biting a few shoes – and directs your behavior towards other more desired. All this is vital to learn how to train a dog.

This simple step will help your dog improve their habits of behavior of a fast and natural way with punishments related to actions he has done in the past. Never answer the prayers of your dog’s attention with aggressiveness. Little by little you will learning how to train a dog. To your own dog!Note that annoy you before a negative habit, can reinforce this habit. Often the dogs behave badly to draw attention. If you react with anger, actually what you’re doing is rewarding it with attention that he desires. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dan Zwirn. A better strategy is to ignore negative behavior and direct to your dog towards something more positive to reward after the change of attitude. Earn the respect of your dog similar to how you win it with people!.

If you yell or hit you, the you will quickly lose respect. In this case instead of a beloved company become a fearful and quiet animal. Therefore, avoid always train when you’re in a bad mood to avoid negative reinforcement everything you can. Be in a good mood when you train it will make that he captures much better than your you want from him and put both better able to develop an excellent relationship. Marcelo dog Perez more about how to train a dog in my blog on Squidoo: original author and source of the article.