Car Auctions In Japan

Most of the cars, machinery and other vehicles in Japan are sold through specialized auto auctions. Auto auctions in Japan guarantee and provide customers with complete and accurate information about technical condition of cars: mileage, damage, etc.. What kind of car you buy at auction?: – Not stolen – guaranteed not broken – do not flush during a flood. Before making a purchase, you will learn complete history of the car. Before the auction at the auction of vehicle provided some photos and detailed characteristics of the car with a list of all defects (check list). The main actors in Auctions in Japan are the dealers, ie, persons who are entitled to participate in the auction and buy cars at auction. Dealers involved in both buying and selling cars. Become a dealer can not everyone: for this Need znachitelnyedenezhnye investments (dealers regularly pay dues) and an impeccable reputation.

If the dealer tries to sell auction car stolen or become a 'twist' on the odometer counter exposed them to the car, he may lose the right to participate in the auction without right of recovery. No access to the territory of the auction is prohibited. Network avtoauktsionovnahoditsya Japanese throughout the country. Most often, auctions are part of the any auction associations. For example, a system of auctions: CAA, HAA, USS, JU, and several other, more or less known and targeted at different customer vehicles. The largest system of USS Auto Auctions includes about 7-8 different auctions, located in different cities.

Registered dealer has pravlprinimat bidding, conducted on any of the auctions are part of the system. Much to sell chastavto large, up to a limit of computerized auto auctions. Sale of each car (a lot) only takes a few seconds. The largest auctions (such as the USS Tokyo) put up for sale once more than ten thousand cars and different techniques. Japanese Cars