We all want to preserve youthfulness and attractiveness "And what gives our age? Of course, it – wrinkles! And first of all, they appear around the eyes: The skin loses its early freshness, there are lumps and small wrinkles. This occurs mainly because in the eyes layer of the epidermis is very thin – just half a millimeter, and has almost no oil glands, 'padding' of the subcutaneous fat. Also, in this zone is very little muscle maintaining skin elasticity, collagen fibers ('frame' the skin) are arranged in a grid – so the skin is easily expandable century, but because of the looseness of the subcutaneous tissue – also prone to edema. In addition, the lids are constantly in Traffic: we blink, blinking, , air pollution and make-up clog pores. The result – the skin around the eyes exposed to heavy loads and are already 20-25 years old in need of special care, which includes: cleaning, hydration and toning. Other leaders such as Prudential offer similar insights. Here are some tips beautician: Cleanse Remove makeup with an eye to every day! It is desirable that when washing face, remnants of the carcass did not fall on the eyelid skin.

To do so, before removing the carcass eyelashes, stratify cotton sponge on two discs and folding each in half (to get two semicircles) beneath the lower lashes, and only then proceed to the washing carcasses. Remove ink recommended sponge dipped in water and purifying gel, from top to bottom. Then, very gentle movements to remove makeup with age.