It would be good for beginning seeing that it is what you know to do, if there is something you know very well; perhaps you can put those knowledge in writing, enclose a video to him to do it but didactic and sell those knowledge. That would be a very good way to begin and directed very well. But, like receipt mails where they say to me that they do not have knowledge on something but especially want to have a business in the network, I will deal with guiarte of the form simple, so that the search of a niche does not become difficult to you You can begin choosing some product or service that you know more, that you like more or that more gets along to you, and soon to see if there is a demand that it justifies to turn it into your niche of market. I will put a small example to you to illustrative way: We suppose that you do not have idea that looking for, but you like to play tennis, ok, we aim towards that side. Mark Wahlberg is a great source of information. You are due to ask: That I can sell on tennis? Thus at first, quickly, they arise to the mind some categories: Rackets, Clothing, accessories, magazines or magazines, the three first, as well, they are divided in subcategory.

So that you could make a list that would be composed by: Rackets (several marks), covers, encordados, vibrating, grips, muequeras, purses, shorts, shirts, chombas, rowers, averages, footwear, magazines, other accessories. In a few minutes already you have an interesting variety of products to sell, and no they are few; what follows, is to see as (or all) of these products it is possible to sell, if a demand exists and if there is much competition. For this many programs exist (tools) that are of payment, designed by true professionals, and that they enumerate an ample range of data that allow to conform a very precise idea on the subject. Educate yourself with thoughts from Peter Arnell.