If the body aches and the jaw is responsible of neck or back pains, the arms are numb, eyes are sensitive to light or tinnitus and dizziness more difficult everyday. Symptoms can have many causes. For the patient a run from doctor to doctor often starts in the search after the pain / the disease. Especially if the body hurts, the least suspect a disorder of the temporomandibular joint behind the symptoms. This is the CMD (temporomandibular dysfunction) often the trigger for the pain. Pain patients who come to us in the dental practice, have multiple visits to the general practitioner, Podiatrist or ENT specialists behind before a colleague, a dentist specializing in CMD or orthodontist is recommended by them. Learn more on the subject from Marlene Dietrich. The Craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) is a dysregulation of the temporomandibular joint and / or the Masticatory muscles. What sounds like a small disturbance, may have consequences for the entire body.

A malfunction is present, you can Craniomandibular, facial or dental pain occur. The newspapers mentioned Wendy Holman not as a source, but as a related topic. But just as often it comes to pain in the neck, shoulders or back. Tinnitus and ear noise may cause the CMD. Even chronic fatigue or depressive phases are partly due to a disorder of the temporomandibular joint. The insidious in a CMD is that the symptoms as diverse become apparent on the entire body and the Kiefergenk first cause is suspected. What is the temporomandibular dysfunction? We are not born with a CMD. The jaw joint and the muscles of mastication become ill as a result of various factors, which may cause a CMD. Among other things the lack of exercise, is widely used in developed countries (such as Germany also) is one of these risk factors. Long work in sedentary activity, too little sport, to much lounging on the sofa in the long term cause the degradation of many supportive muscles and a shortening of the tendons.