Deputy Director

Plan National., provincial plan.., municipal plan., but. A time., and our work plan of activities everyday., actually know what you must put in forming steer our actions, to achieve the goal of the month, or a year’s work. Let us reflect for a moment, and before us to think that the plan should always reach top down, think of the actual process, and true presents us with democratic centralism, which is that of the worker are born good personal ideas, that make you reach a group of workers led by a head of Department, and this to a Deputy Director, and East to the director of the company, in terms of good language: is the relative owner of business.., but a moment., each director, Manager, employer, etc., must possess at least a domain, activities that annually goes to plan, to at least have a guide’s proposal of an annual work Plan, drawn up by top executives of each company, to make them adapt the worker quarterly and monthly, in planning their own activities, with a proposal of their own activities, and another extended to the achievement of its objectives, which implies that are recognized to be included within the work plan of the company, and that it is considered the work plan of the company in general. General method of research: part of the same scheme that is applied in the work of science, a general method of: analysis, synthesis and evaluation, which are coordinated among all phases of the work. Specific synthesis assessment method analysis of research: based on the observation, conceptualization, approach to the problem, hypothesis, experimentation, conclusions, recommendations, contributions, and limitations.

Conceptualizacio n problem hypothesis experimental observation. Conclusions recommendations S contribution and limitations. The specific method is as follows: work strategy: the State strategy aimed at enhancing the quality of the preparation of the work plan of professionals and workers of the CITMA system development and professional improvement and ideological politician of the collective of workers of the CITMA system; and to achieve a better result of work objectives in the system.