Doors That Do Not Go Out Of Fashion

We have a lot of classic doors. Standard rectangular and square panels, one hundred percent an array But now there is an opportunity to diversify the selection of classic doors. And besides, to get acquainted with trendy models. And the most striking proposals in the market doors I refer the proposed factory Prisma Serramenti collection The best of Prisma Serramenti. And indeed, this is the best of what they were doing! Doors, painted by aging! They are very good! From under a gentle creamy appear the red streaks.

Effect, similar to the scratched surface. But in fact, it perfectly smooth. I will not open the secrets, except to say that scratching tsveri nobody thought. This is achieved by heat treatment! One color emerges through the other! And this is done manually. Each door is unique! Agree that it is better than artificial aging at home when the door is skinned with a wire brush or something like that Do not violate the integrity of the coating. It will only reduce the life of the door. Noble form doors highlights not only the aged paint, but also a form of panels.

All the most popular classical form. With an oval in the middle – to create a cozy, discreet rectangular vertical panels – they give harmony doors add old-fashioned glass, and we have the illusion of the palace. Enhance the effect Baroque trims and a portal! A how unusual this door looks with a round panes! Or with a cloth, folding in half all depends on your imagination, boldness and originality.