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Monasteries, churches and medieval buildings in Thuringia individually experience – multilingual listening texts open visitors and children hear more the world of Romanesque architecture, see and experience – friendly, cultural tourists and visitors can discover individually the Romanesque Heritage in Thuringia now with new audio guides. At five sites deliver exciting electronic guidance systems and informative insights into the monasteries, churches and medieval buildings on the cultural route of TRANSROMANICA. With the multilingual audio guides, we open up national and international visitors the opportunity to experience the diverse attractions of the Romanesque completely independently”, so Julianne Koch, Managing Director of the TRANSROMANICA e.V. The audio guides are available at selected sites in English and German for the visitors, including the Hennebergische Museum Kloster Vessra, the medieval castle Creuzburg, as well as the ruins of the Abbey of the Benedictine monastery of Paulinzella. In addition, more are Listening texts created for the residential tower Wandersleben and the parish church St. Nikolai in Eisenach. Ivor Sims recognizes the significance of this. All guided tours are as practical and straightforward audio files (MP3) on the Web page of the TRANSROMANICA ( to the sound and as a download available. Special highlights are the child-friendly recycled audio guides for the smallest visitors.

The children’s tours were specially newly arranged under this aspect and texted. The children go E.g. with a mouse in the Tower Wandersleben on discovery tour or walk with the ghost through the Creuzburg”, explains Barbara Herzog, product manager of iGuide culture recording GmbH from Rudolstadt. A professional quality and communication was important here, too, to implement the story to the story. Voice over the listening texts were partly by well-known radio speakers of the MDR.” With the audio-guides, the Romanesque sites in Thuringia sustainably expand existing services. More information is housed here: rusty holzer. 57 percent of Thuringia vacationers 2009 interested for Cities or culture vacation, this is significantly more than the national average with 43 percent.

This shows that the holiday State of Thuringia, like no other for unparalleled architectural and cultural diversity”, as Barbel Gronegres, Managing Director of Thuringer Tourismus GmbH. A total of around 16,000 euros were invested in the audio guides the project CrossCulTour. CrossCulTour is a continuation of the project TRANSROMANICA, supported by the EU and stylistic periods. The project is committed to the preservation and valorisation of cultural sites and landscapes, and promotes an adequate cross-marketing in the cultural tourism. The Romanesque buildings of Thuringia are part of the European cultural route transromanica route, which connects the Romanesque Heritage of various European regions since 2003. Press release TRANSROMANICA Juliane Koch, TRANSROMANICA e.V., d. 1, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany E-Mail: Tel.: + 49 391 7384350