Family Agriculture

Number of loans of the Pronaf carried through in state X total Number of carried through loans of the Pronaf in the country In this pointer we compare the number of loans of the Pronaf carried through by state/region, and the total number of enterprise agricultural loans (understood as the addition of the resources destined to the PRONAF more the resources destined to enterprise agriculture). For the construction of this pointer we use given of the Ministry and Treasury department of Agriculture. Analysis: The indicating ones above make a comparison between what family is invested in agriculture (PRONAF) and the amount of destined credits enterprise agriculture, being according to data of the agrarian Ministry of Public Works and the Economy the total of placed credits the disposal of agriculture the addition of the resources destined to the PRONAF more destined resources enterprise agriculture. In these to indicate we observe historically that the promotion to agriculture family has not been a concern recurrent of the governments (even so familiar agriculture is responsible for great ciphers of what it is produced national). We can see that the destined resources agriculture family, where the main public politics is the PRONAF almost lowermost when is quoted with the gigantic amount of destined resources said enterprise agriculture. We can see despite between the 2004 and 2009 sum of destined resources enterprise agriculture increased more than 230%, against less than 215% of the PRONAF. Conclusion Analyzing the results of the presented pointers we can observe that in a generalized manner the number of people that has had access the Pronaf, in comparison with the agricultural population of each region comes significadamente diminishing in the regions North and Northeast.