Fernando Enrique

For example, Fernando Enrique boasted that he would go to make amaior remodels agrarian of the world. Until the Pope he praised. He was when revistNewsweek denounced fiasco, therefore, according to it, at least one in each quatroassentados it gave up its lot in two years.

‘ ‘ In the field, the transport is indignode confidence, the electricity a luxury. Illnesses as the sofreqentes malaria and the affection; one in each two families only arrived to see a doctor. About 95%no they have potable current water ‘ ‘ Many deassentados lands had moved of owners in the Amaznia. is of them great parcel daresponsabilidade for the forest fires that occur there. for speaking emqueimadas, certain time I witnessed a meeting of the Ibama, to argue asua prevention in the State of Rio De Janeiro.

Some regional ones had vehicles, but did not have drivers. Others had drivers, but they did not have cars. Some did not have gasoline. Nobody had helicopters, only the Army, but, in the previous year, the mount of money that the Ibama obtained for the fuel of vosfoi used in maintenance, no helicopter left the soil. At that time, oBrasil was in 46 place amongst 59 countries that spent more tempocom the governmental bureaucracy. It wants another example? They had spent more than 30dias to open a banking account of Hunger Zero; in the area of it dries, to passavammeses registering in cadastre families who did not see rain have two years. E, if somebody donated some money, the eradescontada CPMF. It is as soon as the bureaucratic mentality functions: the taken actions noso in the spirit of the certain of the made a mistake one. In the anxiety to control, oburocrata follows the law and the regulations, for more donkeys that are, or then serecusa to make, until finding the form that it seems ideal. In the way it way, loses sensitivity. appears the grippe now suna. For not to know as to control avenda of the Tamiflu, they had made most easy: they had forbidden the sales. In Curitiba, porexemplo, where, had to the cold, the number of cases already is alarming, mdicosparticulares cannot prescribe the medicine. They treat grippe suna as gripecomum and until of the certainty, when the illness is branda. But, when the case is serious, the citizen finishes dying. E, due to the laboratorial dignstico that demorado, and that nor always the authorities leave to make, the finding finishes exactly leaving comopneumonia. One remembers of that, when it appeared the AIDS, little people to aceitavadivulgar the diagnosis and the patients died of pneumonia? Not to alarm apopulao, and also for shame of its proper incompetence, it is what ogoverno is making now. In the root of the problem, only the incapacity to depromover a realistic control for the sales of the Tamiflu.