German Engineers Association

In the training should be more pointed out possible careers and according to required skills. But although evaluated the management and leadership skills of the engineers of the staff decision makers as inadequate, little is invested in these areas. A study of the German Engineers Association (VDI) according to investment in human resources development and training are urgently needed to secure the competitiveness of. For the company they were also very worthwhile, because just engineers showed a very long average loyalty to their company. Notes also the Industrie – und Handelskammer: training mean to measure qualification, less Miscast, less staff turnover, reduced training costs and less on advertising. The motivation should be so here despite the crisis sustainable to invest. Promotion possibilities of investment there is many.

IFM electronic, manufacturers of automation technology, supports, for example, a college scholarship for bachelor students of selected engineering courses. In the third semester, tuition fee is applied for the duration of the standard period of study. In addition, the students have the opportunity their Bachelor and seminar work at the company to write, or to complete an internship there. Regular contact with the company and thus targeted insights into everyday technical are key focal points of the scholarship. The selection of grantees are not only criteria such as student performance in the foreground. The personal conversation and social commitment have an equal role.

Also in the vocational training she emphasis ifm on realism. For example, have “commercial apprentices of the Tettnanger branch one junior company” founded, which as ifm Fanshop internally merchandise sells. So the apprentices can implement directly what they have learned. By funding this type of company can personnel with technical expertise to find, specially geared to the company’s processes. The aim is in the acquisition of the fellows and its sustainable involvement in the company. For the students, this also means a sustainable training and the prospect of long-term employment with career opportunities within the company.