German Federal Youth Council

For U18 will for the first time by the leading Support youth organisations of in Germany. Alone in the German Federal Youth Council brought together youth organisations represent the interests of almost six million young people. Extrapolating to the many hundred thousand children and young people, which engage independently by established organisations at regional level for U18, a clear six-figure number of voters and voters under 18 should be realistic. Preparations for the U18 elections have already started now polling via the website reported and established for example in child and youth time institutions, schools, school clubs, etc. On the site, also age fair prepared materials for the theoretical and practical preparation for the election provided soon download available.

Local organizers are responsible for the pre-accession of children and young people on the issues of elections, democratic participation, party programmes and election procedures. Tradition has it that each polling station produces its own ballot, presented at the U18 Web site and assess from the other participants. The preparation phase, in which children and young people deal with the political content and processes, as well as parties, politicians, and politicians, is most important for us. The election day documented so to speak our joint success. Especially we are pleased of course if U18 helps permanently politically that engage young people”, as Candida Sanchez, spokesperson of the U18 network. The election highlight of the initiative is the election day, which takes place nine days before the official election. As in the real Bundestag election can all under 18 on an original”ticked ballot they cast their vote which party.

The counting of the votes begins after the closure of polling stations from 18:00. The results are delivered the U18 Election Committee and presented to the public without delay. The German Federal Youth Council, the German children’s Fund, the working group includes the over the network the network U18 U18 Protestant youth in Germany e.V., the German youth fire brigade, the Federation of Scouts and Boy Scouts (BdP), the Association of Christian pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (VCP) e.V., the Foundation of Democratic Youth. The land youth ring Berlin, Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Saxony-Anhalt, the Foundation SPI, gangway e.V., the kids ring Berlin e.V. and the Berlin network U18 provide regional support. All organisations put together for the idea of choosing a U18. The U18 network is open to other institutions and committed individuals from the entire Federal territory.