Four are currently DELSEY product series is equipped with the new ZIP security TECH system. The price difference is minimal: for just a few euros extra charge (on average 5 soft and hard shell luggage 14) can use this new technology GlobeTrotter and relaxed travel. * TRAVEL with PRESTIGE and carat models: cabin TROLLEY case with 4 wheels 55 cm, TROLLEY case with 4 wheels 65, 70 et 77 cm colours: carbon grey and white price: from 239,90 until 269,90 * leisure travel and GREEN day models: cabin TROLLEY case, 4 wheels 53 cm / TROLLEY case, extendable, 4 wheels 66 and 77 cm / cabin TROLLEY case, extendable, 53 cm / TROLLEY case, extendable, 64 and 75 cm colours: anthracite / brick, Brick / beige, blue / yellow price: from 129,90 until 189,90 * light and comfortable travel with XPERT LITE models: cabin TROLLEY case, 4 wheels 53 cm /. Cabin TROLLEY case business, extendable, 51 cm / TROLLEY case, extendable, 4 wheels 65 / 74 cm TROLLEY cabin bags, telescopic, 53 cm / TROLLEY case, extendable, 66, 74 and 82 cm colours: anthracite, blue and dark brown price: from 139,90 until 239,90 * extreme models travel TRIP with CROSS: cabin TROLLEY case 55 cm / TROLLEY case, extendable, 69, 78 cm colours: black and Red price: 179,90 until 219,90 on DELSEY DELSEY is a pioneer in the market for high-quality luggage international and has numerous awards for its smart design since 1975 and product innovations. Represented on five continents and in 110 countries, DELSEY is now the world’s second largest manufacturer of high-quality luggage. DELSEY 355 employees including seven designers in plants in France, Germany, Britain and Italy.

The headquarters of DELSEY is the site near Paris, where 75 percent of all DELSEY export products abroad. Six stores and 6,000 active Outlets contribute to the success of the company. World no less than four million pieces of luggage are sold per year, which is equivalent to seven pieces of luggage per minute. More information under:. more information about the ZIP security TECH at: press contact: hopscotch Europe in One Nicole Jung or Sebastian Boppert Tel: 0511 260 98 2241 E-Mail: