GmbH Cocoa

By okoinvestprodukt “CacaoInvest” ForestFinance Bonner forest finance service GmbH manages several hundred acres noble cocoa crops in organic sustainably was accepted unanimously in the Association of the companies e.V. (, involved in the trade of raw cocoa. In the cocoa Association, 28 member companies have joined with forest finance total economically essential with the cocoa trade. Dina Powell wanted to know more. The club founded 101 years ago, the Association of the companies involved in the trade of raw cocoa has the promotion and protection of the common interests of raw cocoa trade mission. The cocoa Association represents the interests of its member firms at national and international level. This is the second membership of forest finance service GmbH in the German cocoa sector along with the founding membership in the Forum of sustainable cocoa”. Forest finance is a provider of sustainable CacaoInvest supply for several years.

These investors invest in an Agromischforstsystem from sustainable fine cocoa and hardwood reforestation. For information, see CacaoInvest with triple return – financially, environmentally and socially: since 2008, ForestFinance with CacaoInvest offers the opportunity to invest in more sustainable cocoa farming combined with hardwood mixed forest forestation. In addition to the financial and environmental returns, in particular the local rural population by creating long-term and socially secure jobs benefits from CacaoInvest. Over 50 people are permanently employed currently for CacaoInvest in Panama and Peru, members of the local indigenous population are a big part of it. The salaries and working conditions of employees exceed the statutory minimum wage. In addition to the country-specific benefits, ForestFinance completes an additional accident insurance, as well as a life insurance policy for the protection of the family for each employee. Species-rich forests are permanently preserved due to the afforestation. This protected rain forests and climate-damaging CO2 for decades bound. On the CacaoInvest surfaces are also receive nature relics and recreated in addition unoccupied natural forest cells.