Governor Agricultural

Main carried through workmanships: The installation of the Department of education and Culture, as the Law n. 32 of March of 1971, ending of the construction of the Municipal Hospital, implantation of the Bandeirante gymnasium, since the state mounted its gymnasium net in about 25% of the maranhenses cities, percentile that the year would have to grow year, as much is that it reached in 1971, 91 of the 130 cities of the State. The point most critical inhabited in primary education, mainly in the agricultural zone; to try to modify this situation &#039 was conceived; ' Project Joo of Barro' ' for the team of advising of the Governor. The objective of the Project ' ' Joo of Barro' ' thus he was announced through a process of education integrated in elementary level, to insert the agricultural man in the process of carried through partner-economic development, he was constructed a medical rank in the headquarters, and magnifying of the schools in the agricultural zone. Context of the state and national politics (1969/1972) President Presidncia de Costa and Silva (1967-1969) Come to falecer in 17 of December of 1969, did not finish its mandate. In function of its death the Representatives and Senators choose General Emilio Garrastazu Mdice for the presidency (1969/1974). Carried through workmanships: construction of the Transamaznica highway and Governing the Cuiab-Santarm Highway Jose Sarney (1966-1970).

Excellent points in its government: The creation of the Supervision of the Development of the Maranho (SUDEMA). which would fit to trace and to supervise the plan of development of the State. It created in the pertaining to school program the school Adobe Joo, for the more soon combat to the illiteracy, and the institution of the Educative Television, for the biggest diffusion of average education; still, in the field of the education the creation of the superior schools of Agriculture, Administration and Engineering, in So Lus and of Education in Caxias.