Jorg Bischoff

Different color management, different work flows and quality requirements and deadline reliability are examples. So LA CONCEPT has invested in modern digital printers and consistent quality in specialists to our customers, reliability, to be able to offer flexibility and last but not least manufacturer prices. In the field of mobile presentation systems established for exhibition, event and POS solutions. Here was the principle to enlighten our customers independently and accurately about the solutions available on the market from the beginning. 2006 construction of the business field mobile stand construction: renowned suppliers such as Octanorm and expand gave LA CONCEPT with our concept that these successful partnerships chance to become a direct dealer today. Also mobile stand construction has been gained a foothold in the area. In addition, the range of special solutions with acrylic, metal and wood is developed.

Thus he could service-oriented approach about what advertising needs”will be continued. 2007 construction of the business field mobile outdoor advertising: the mobility of the target groups increased the demand for corresponding tools. Ambient media was an integral part of almost every marketing strategy. LA CONCEPT recognized this trend early on and responded by introducing the innovative moving boards, as well as its own development of running flags. Also offering advanced Moving Vans and moving Rollboards, so that also here a comprehensive all-round carefree package is offered to our clients. 2008 establishment of the Division of the digital communications and award to the display partner Octanorm: In the area of mobile presentation systems, LA CONCEPT developed the status of a leading provider within 3 years. This success was crowned 2008 awarded as Octanorm display partner of the year 2008 “.

As a young and innovative company, LA CONCEPT realized the new possibilities of the digital age. To all demands for interactive communication to be able to meet the digital communication business unit was founded. As specific programming and technology skills are needed but especially in the area of digital content creation, content area was”as well as the related technical consulting henceforth at sister company NEWROOM MEDIA GmbH pooled. That there also great diligence, creativity coupled with expertise working with is reflected not least in the nomination of NEWROOM MEDIA for the InAvation award of 2010 2010 – opening of the LA CONCEPT regional offices Essen and Dresden: through the wide portfolio of course also consulting demand after applications on the customer side. Even in the digital age, there is nothing more important than open communication in the form of a personal conversation. Ensuring as far as possible throughout this service, LA CONCEPT regional offices were opened in 2010 in Essen, as well as in Dresden. Two well-known personalities from the industry were gained with Manfred Funke-Kaiser and Jorg Bischoff be. Just the Essen team to spark Emperor again 20 years experience in the field brings mobile presentation systems. The LA CONCEPT regional office food stands under his leadership as a competent partner in the Ruhr area and with Jorg Bischoff as contact partner for Saxony. Detailed information about the LA CONCEPT GmbH & co. KG, see.