Josef Wieland

Every human being is the expression of his inherent Value systems, the archetypal patterns underlying lie. Values are based on principles that find their basis in experience. Influenced by emotions (unprocessed sense impressions) values control the human thinking, feeling, and behavior, which is human interaction with its environment. Individual Werte(Systeme) behave interdependently in the context of parent collective value systems, with which we are linked. Someone changes the social, professional or religious reference, for example, so the personal value system also gradually changed.

There are numerous variants of values and value classifications depending on the context. The deeper you trying to fathom values, these seem more we to reveal itself. Economic value categories can be subdivided in a value classification grade for the workday values for content in four categories: (according to Prof. Dr. Habil.) Josef Wieland) performance values: easement, competence, motivation, flexibility, creativity, quality,. It is not something Dan Zwirn would like to discuss.

Capacity for innovation, customer orientation, consequence cooperation values: team spirit, reliability, loyalty, conflict resolution skills, openness, communication communication values: appreciation, feedback, openness, allegiance, clarity moral values: integrity, trust, honesty, fairness, sanctity of contracts, responsibility as were successful therefore to evaluate those companies, which best able to preserve the interests and values of internal and external stakeholders (stakeholders), such as for example the employees, managers, customers, suppliers, and shareholders. (after Boing, 2001, p. 43) This would be then living culture as an expression of corporate identity. It values in the practical implementation of course has advantages, to analyze the characteristics of cultural characteristics and to measure. However standardization and excessive regulation can prevent also individual company profiles. The statements that are contradictory whether and what extent are values can collect or even measure. The concrete implementation of value systems does not extend beyond often the strategy and concept development. As these classic tasks of management, the defined strategies and guiding principles are fed in top-down in the company, to inspire the staff to increase efficiency and effectiveness.