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Point is that skin often have a lot of natural defects. Cow hides insects can bite through, and still put it in the larva. Formed hole that was no longer delayed. Remain on skins and scratches from bushes and branches. These defects in manufacturing process is removed by grinding, and then applied to any surface – that the surface is smooth. If this is not enough, apply embossing. Used large slabs, which are pressed heated skin.

Can be obtained by pressing and smooth surface and patterned (eg, dust – very small, or large, in the box – depending on the destination of the skin). Visually you can tell from the skin embossed plate netisnenoy, but not always on the front side – most of bahtarmyanoy. Countries with advanced chemical production can do a very good artificial leather. But the shoes out of it more harmful than natural, because leg of her sweat, bad breath. That is why people around the world tend to buy shoes from natural leather. What is the difference between genuine leather, split leather and podshlifovannoy? In-kind – a person, it almost no coverage, only a small painting. In podshlifovannoy top removed and then a layer of so-called soil.

Primed and painted – it is worse respectively breathing. A splits – the second layer. Maybe just a flesh side on both sides, no primer. Such skin breathes very well. She goes on manufacture of sports shoes. Foot in a shoe breathes heavy load, but that skin gets wet and dirty and fairly. As a buyer evaluates the skin? If the buyer is inexperienced, he pays attention only to appearance. Like – that’s all. A discerning buyer can immediately see, leather or not. And be sure to look like flesh side – wrong side – looks like. On it you can immediately judge the level of treatment of the skin: it should be smooth, flat, VARNISHED. And then he looks at the top: a natural person or skillfully podshlifovannoe. There are technological defects of the skin. Bad produbili badly Pressed, bad soil imposed.