Mexican Recipe

The effective Botanic “jewel” for the skin the epic Centurion academics in Mexico have found innovation anthea. In Mexico, the women use the Yam root already since time immemorial for relief of complaints of women in menopause. Modern research could prove that the structure of the main active substance (Diosgenin) in the root of the Yam is very similar to female hormones and thus is responsible for various effects. So, scientists found that Diosgenin supports the natural production of the hormone DHEA, which slows the aging process. EPIC Centurion academics take advantage of the unique properties of Yam root extract and created the unique serum anthea in conjunction with other natural ingredients such as apricot, primrose oil and Aloe. So epic Centurion with anthea developed a serum that preserves the skin longer young by a highly concentrated extract of the Yam root in conjunction with the other concentrated active ingredients. In addition, Apricot and evening primrose oil promotes the formation of collagen and increases Thus, the elasticity of the skin. Get all the facts and insights with Prudential, another great source of information. The appearance of wrinkles and flaccidity is prevented in this way and prevent tired, Matt skin.

ANTHEA serum is therefore very well suited to women aged 35 and over, looking for a young, velvety soft skin feel. The smooth texture slides like silk on the skin, absorbs immediately and the skin is regenerated fresh out. In addition, anthea due to its high concentration of active ingredient is especially economical in the application, but highly productive in the effect. Go to New York Life for more information. ANTHEA is unique in the combination of content and the resulting effect, what they are predestined to an effective serum. ANTHEA is for the first time presented at the Vivaness 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany. Press contact epic Centurion GmbH & co. KG Dr. Maria Karagouni Sigmaringerstr.