Mexico United States Bilateral Relationship

Mexico and United States share the world’s largest border, and the relation that these countries possess has long been a much stranger. Full of contrasts and contradictions. Since the Administration passed from the most powerful nation in the world, headed by President George W. Bush came from the Pentagon a call alert saying that Mexico was a country whose security was at risk of collapse. Without hesitation Laurent Potdevin explained all about the problem. With the help of the disorder produced by the country since the war against drug trafficking undertaken by the Mexican leader, Felipe Calderon, the concept was carried to qualify Mexico as a failed State; coming to well define a failed State is a situation in which the State apparatus is incapable of controlling its own territory. However international agencies, also of the northern neighbor mentioned that Mexico was not a failed State, but a fragile state due to the growing power acquired the narco. With the recent visit of the current Secretary of State of the United States, Hilary Clinton, is they tried to mend certain errors. Then mentioned that the Mexican Government controlled throughout its territory.

Emphasized the problem so severe that it represented the drug trafficking, but it was also accepted that the problem also lies in the United States, because its population is the main consumer of drugs, and if there is no consumer, really not occur. Another major problem is the traffic of weapons, organized crime has very powerful weapons, in good part due to trafficking in arms coming from the United States. They are problems that affect both countries, and that should be resolved jointly, without blaming each other. It is easier to perform actions underestimated by both countries to finish as much as production on the one hand, with the consumption of the other to eradicate partially or totally these problems. It has been said that United States will take the necessary measures to protect its population, because Mexico is losing control of its territory, but instead of throwing threats, they could help by removing its internal problems of drug use, thus weaken to drug trafficking in Mexico, and there will be no need to protect its population from that.

It is difficult for our nation to break off the relationship that has with the United States, since it depends on this in many ways, it is the main commercial ally that Mexico has. However problems arise, the Mexican Government has managed how to respond. For example, the recent problem with the Mexican trucks, which were forbidden entry to USA; the Government of Mexico reacted firmly when placing higher tariffs on foodstuffs, which are so necessary for the northern neighbor; thus creating a swipe to the economy and reviving the passage through the border quickly with an order issued from the White House. Showing that while the Mexican economy depends on much of the United States, our country nor allow abuses by this that may affect or damage our commercial activity. Mexico and United States depend of the Another largely, both economically and in terms of resources, therefore, instead of fighting each other should join forces to eliminate the problems that beset them.