Mika Hidaka

And not even show the place. “No problem” I said, the only thing that I liked than did not teach me anything the place is that when I went to visit you, you told me to leave. I regret to say this, but tomorrow will try to speak with the principal to change my room. And excuse if this sounds harsh, but that’s the truth. “I hate to give that impression. “Do not worry.

Hidaka Mika taught me of the place in your absence. – Who?! She! I can not be! He exclaimed really do not know anything from anybody. Sorry, I should tell you ahead of time. “Well, I’m not surprised because she did not say anything to us Yaboshi and me. – It’s true! Yaboshi-san was with you! Wow! – What is bothering you so much? You gave him the keys and made a sign.

Do not you remember? -No. Is that someone hit me and so I head to the infirmary where he was Mika Hidaka-san, who then left and returned in half or an hour. Then came you, now I remember, and you Yaboshi-san, Akio-san. “I guess it was. But no matter, tomorrow I will talk with the director. “Please, Akio-san, do not understand what is happening. I’ll explain, you see. Give me a single day on Monday and see. But then I also talk to the director. Just do me this favor. “Okay, I think waiting is nothing wrong. I think so. Do not worry. But you can tell what happened. “He walked through the halls, but someone hit me in the head. And when I got to see was in the nursing room. “But you know who? “I know, but I really do not want to blame. “Then you know and do not want to blame. That’s not very wise. You should talk to the director. Then talk about that. Now I just take a shower. I ate at the same nursing. But Do you eat? “Yes, I gave two Yaboshi Biscuits. They are pretty good. I was full. So do not worry about anything. And aside in the refrigerator there soda and water. I have no hunger. “Thank goodness. Tomorrow I’ll teach you what’s for dinner. And our Sushi restaurants. – Sushi? But I hate sushi. – What?! That’s impossible. You’ll see how you like it. “I’m going to take a shower. “Good evening. I’m going to rest. I lay in bed, so sweet and comforting. Expected to speak by phone with my parents. But they could not, really do not know. Sure call me tomorrow. I hope so. I miss them a lot. Also my house. And I can not believe what I say: “I miss my sister too.” It was a day very busy, I do not know if tomorrow will be just as intense as this one today. That’s what I hope not. And I was thinking how mysterious are the people of the Japanese race, although they are kind, strange and hateful, they have something I’ve never seen in others. _____________________________________________________________________ IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF UNITED Nihongo …. Akio finally realizes who is Mika-san .