Imposed on a person basis – ‘ “with holes for eyes and nose, which was then moistened cologenic. Just a few minutes and you are beautiful as ever. In full fig Action cosmetic masks is not limited to skin care, they can be used to simulate the individual. Unfortunately, there comes a time when without it is not enough and that you could always be in full fig, the German manufacturers come up with wonderful masks that are called – ‘parade. ” Neck, face, including eyes, filled mask diluted to a liquid state ‘sour. ” Within 15 minutes, until the mass solidifies and shrinks, tightens the skin, is a lifting effect. At the same time “front” mask blocks access of oxygen, the temperature rises, and opening the pores of the skin intensively absorb all useful components. Chiseled profile and a young Oval And want to make a plaster cast from his face? Amazing masks made from plaster of a certain composition used in the program exits allow you to simulate a long time to say goodbye to wrinkles and return to your old face, youthful contours. From the cocoon of a butterfly The company Marie Golan, there is a great mask ‘cocoon’. It is a lightweight foam. This mask is superimposed over any other. Thanks to its thermal effect of a cocoon increases all the useful effects of the mask, which is applied directly to the skin. And less than half an hour, removing the cocoon, you turned into a dazzling butterfly. Yes, despite the fact that every woman on the shelf is always a lot of jars and tubes of cream for skin care without cosmetic masks difficult to win the youth and beauty.