Philosophy Society

The way of the Religion is basic in the construction of the citizen of the future, because the man without Faith, the unbelieving man, the man without God, will have difficulty in if affirming to the world. When if reflecte on the Religion is not obtained to dissociar it of its physical structure, called Church, however, they constitute the Church of ' ' rocks vivas' ' all the believers of one determined Religion. This Church is integrant part of the society, lives and feels its problems, its difficulties, its distresses, therefore, the Church has always a word to say, cannot be losted in thought from the society. It is in this context that if must understand the interventions of the dignitrios of the Church, which cannot enveredar, although everything, for subjects that they are outside of the social sphere of the Church, because: ' ' all people already perceived that the Church does not have anxieties of being able weather. What it does not mean that does not have the right to intervine in the weather, exactamente because nothing of what it is important for the life of the men in them he is indiferente.' ' (YOUNG CHICKEN, 1999:70) the religious dimension of the Man and all a set of rites, rituals, liturgies and structures for the practical one of the cult, constitutes, in the modern times, an excellent factor of balance and, in certain circumstances, of critical modification and before the excesses committed for the society, in other domnios. This function that could well be understood as a light, a lighthouse that illuminates the good behavior of the man, for times, also exceeds and is subjects to the philosophical repair that, as were left said, follow the religion and any other dimensions human beings. It results, thus, the necessity of a new Philosophy for the education and formation of the citizen of the future, in the perspective of the exercise of a true and responsible citizenship, in which if it cannot excuse the religious dimension, because this is interested person in valuation and dignificao of the man. .