Professional Management

Family Office or family wealth management symbolizes a stand-alone chapter in its own right between uppercase fortunes management models. The great fortunes of hereditary or family nature require one wide range of solutions both in the strict financial circle and investment, as in the tax or in the follow-up to the demands of liquidity of each Member of the family. This is one of the peculiarities of the advice of the family estates. Each Member of the core will be involved in it or on projects that are carried out in their midst. It is common that froze intergenerational conflicts arising out of different and even conflicting points of view about the direction of the common themes. And is also very common that after the death of the Patriarch or creator of the family Empire, among his successors dissensions arriving will cause even endanger the unity of the heritage.

Resorting to an advisory external supposed to put in the hands of productivity experts with an objective view and set the operation of the family economy, which will leave a margin of broader consensus between persons related by complex ties. This advice may include from simple paperwork and submission of documents to various administrations, to the relationship with service providers and their corresponding ups and downs. It will also involve real estate and stock management or opening and cancellation of bank accounts. I.e., an integral service comprehensive of all economic matters relating to the family estate. A service like this requires the contest of professional experts in various fields, such as international economics, values, laws, technical or real estate tax. Therefore, rely a great patrimony with its inherent complexity, requires specialized in this type of managements, capable of ensuring that capital and managed assets will be preserved in its generality or cabinets increased thanks to her. The relatively recent emergence of the Family Office wealth management circuit has generated some controversy between traditional banking sectors, which cast doubt on the ability of this class of offices to advise in an efficient manner and that, however, begin to be interested in a market niche that does not want to lose. Why companies such as FDI, aware of the difficulty of their commitment, put guests that multidisciplinary team that it requires.