Regional Manager

The Company, possesss, as main mission today the full attendance to its customers, satisfying them completely, exactly that she has that to move to take care of, as affirms the regional manager of the company.: ' ' We of the T&amp Company; V, we believe much that the company comes to grow sufficiently, due to the great investments that are being made in the northeast region, specifically in result of great parcels that we came losing for our main competitor; we think about retaking these parcels of the market and reconquering our lost customers, beyond also inserting the news. This is being the main objective of our company currently and wants to conquer this up to 2012. Our evaluation is made annually, however, our planning is five year stops to reach these goals or great part of them. ' ' (Northeast Regional Manager, T&amp Company; V) Its hierarchic structure is composed of: a regional advice of administration, president, directors, controlling, operational manager of branch office, controlling and supervisors. Being that the position of branch office manager is busy only for employees of the area marketing, with high degree of commercial relationship with the customers. Today the company possesss diverse units, ranks and rendering of services for all the country, counts more than on 3000 collaborators, between terceirizados employees and has as main objective to the expansion of its operations, through the conquest of new customers and new perspectives for expansion of existing operations already, however, not yet explored completely. Being the base of customers of the T&amp Company; Very extensive V, what it incapacitates in them to inquire its base completely, we opt to centering the analysis of the case having as reference its bigger customer currently; the company called here of CUSTOMER, that it answers for 70% of the sales of the company. The area of the company in focus is of the Logistic one and Operations, for being this of bigger importance inside of the studied organization, being subject of great relevance in the present time for differentiation of services, attainment of competitive advantages and factor of evaluation in the quality of the rendering of services and relationship with customers, beyond if integrating ace diverse areas of the organization as key for the strategical planning and the enterprise success (BALLOU, 2001).