Life is a gift, and offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to return him something to be each day better. Anthony Robbins what is life? For many, life is something that we inevitably have to move, without having control over her, like ships adrift. They say that the destination is already marked and therefore no matter what you do have to meet this target. But maybe it is so, life is a simple bad play in which only we are puppets of the same? No my friends, life is something that we have chosen consciously, it is a wonderful opportunity to experience ourselves in our maximum expression. It is the great decision which we have taken to leave a mark on this world! From the beginning, from the first breath we have already started to interact with the rest of the universe and we are changing every moment. At the time of birth have accepted responsibility experience everything what is part of us and express us as beings grandiose and full of love and wisdom that we are. To achieve this will surely experience sadness, pain, anger but only as a means to appreciate even more happiness, patience, love. Each trip or bad moment is an opportunity to get the best out of us same and give it to others and to us our best attributes.

Experience what we can and our strengths. We must not fear failure or adverse situations. The real defeat is in let us overcome by fear and flee from him, because then we will have delivered our ability to grow. We take in our hands this magnificent gift that is life is a valuable gem that we must take care and polishing every day for to continue shining and exposing its beauty to the world. What does having a jewel hidden in view of everyone, if anyone can enjoy its beauty? That’s life, so is your life show it live it, enjoy it and each day gives thanks for every experience, for the opportunity to have one more day to transcend and be better. Keep the eyes and the ears open to what the universe offers you, receives every minute with a smile and get the firm intention of giving those who surround you the best of you, that is your responsibility, that is your true destination. Be someone big, full of love, happiness and wisdom to share with all the beings that surround you. That is what your spirit more longs and so when comes the end of this wonderful experience you can close the book with a big smile on the lips and feeling throughout your being the joy of having this incredible experience called life. Original author and source of the article.