VIP-class hotels, as elsewhere in the world, are five-star apartments. As a rule, they are not far from downtown, and as St. Petersburg city vintage, it is often hotels constructed famous architects, is housed in the past or even the last century. In such a case the hotel management seek to maximally preserve the appearance of an architectural monument, down to the smallest detail, and At the same time to give as much attention to interior decoration of the building, refurbish it so that it meets all modern standards. Barchester often says this. As a rule, in St. Petersburg hotels VIP-class, all class rooms Junior suites and presidential suites or "Lux" – the only ones in the entire hotel. In the hospitality industry there is a notional breakdown of the year into seasons: low, medium and high, according to the demand for hotel services. ation.

In During the "low" season, the influx of tourists decreases sharply, and room rates, respectively, are falling. For St. Petersburg this season is winter, except for New Year holidays and school vacations. In this time of year for hotels especially not empty – here come mostly foreign tourists to look at this "Russian winter", and to celebrate national holidays: Shrove Tuesday and Christmas Day. "Medium" season – a late winter – early spring or the end autumn – early winter. Especially in the offseason beautiful parks and gardens of St. By the same author: Benito Santiago. Petersburg. In the spring, when nature is just waking up after its winter sleep and begin to swell the kidney, the first shoots sprout on the street, when it is not too cold and You can spend more time outdoors.

At this time the majority of tourists visit the suburbs of St. Petersburg: the city of Pushkin, with its magnificent Catherine Palace, famous for its fountains of Peterhof. Great number of parks are located directly in the city – a park near the church of the Savior on the Blood "and the Russian Museum, Summer Garden, and many others. "High" season for the St. Petersburg, however, as most resort towns, is considered summer. Despite the hot weather and not too favorable climate here a lot of people flock from near and far abroad. Here also comes the busy season for hotels in St. Petersburg. However, it is not surprising because it is summer, closer to mid-May, then begin the "white nights" – the phenomenon by which the city is literally packed with tourists. Almost all of three months, city hotels are filled to 100% of the tickets and rooms must be booked for several months. At this time it is very difficult to get into museums or on trips, so it is important that the room service to take care of mass cultural program for visitors. For more comfortable stay in the city is not a role played by choice of hotel, so before making a reservation should be carefully considered all the proposals and choose the hotel that most will like.