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Benicio Del Toro

"God created the world in the last 7 days, I ruined my life for seven seconds," – these words begins the story about Ben Thomas, a man who do good deeds under the guise of a tax inspector. He'll do a little happier 7 people desperately need help. But what price he would pay him for it, and does not pay for it whether it heroic to some other, quite unseemly? The smooth slide to the side of Will Smith movies and drama hint at the high artistry is hard to miss. Since the days of film "Rules of removal" and "I, Robot" from the distant 2005 and 2004, in action movies and comedies, the actor has not been noticed. This gap was filled movie "Hancock", in ascending As a superhero now homeless, but a delightful image was pretty spoiled semi-divine nature of the super powers and a strong romantic line (where Charlize Theron, and there is snot with sugar). There is no doubt wish play in a serious movie – very commendable.

That's just Will Smith in such films pathologically do not like, contrary to all expectations. As he did not like the "I – a legend," the film is almost one-man show where he actually had unfold in the power of his talent, so I do not like in the "seven lives". Grimacing, eyes building, although the time such behavior is not consistent, in general, a feeling that trying all the money and even more. A redundant zeal in the film drama is not always a good thing. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Penguin Random House. But even in this case. Just to say against the movie "21 Grams" with Sean Penn, Naomi Watts and Benicio Del Toro, on which "seven pounds" (sorry, but in the original way it is) similar to the way to mass times the name suggests, everything looks tight and frankly dull.

Although, thanks to him shevchukovskaya phrase "gave away all of his heart, his left nothing" takes on a new, quite physiological meaning. Arithmetic perceived value of human life – and move on its own strong and the film will impress people enough emotional. But to others, in the light of the low concentration and unconvincing suicidal motivation to reach the main character will probably not succeed, despite the fact that the film clearly focuses on the "Oscar" and should be artistically much more. Although blind Woody Harrelson – a spectacle not to explicitly faint-hearted.

Berkshire Hathaway

In addition, Buffett argues that such an investment strategy emphasizes the principle of partnership directors and shareholders holding – if shareholders suffer losses, proportional losses are and director of the company. The board of directors of Berkshire Hathaway has 11 seats. It includes, inter alia, an associate Charlie Munger Buffett (Charlie Munger) and son – Howard Buffett (Howard Buffett). In 2004, , after the death of his wife Buffett, Susan (Susan Buffett), the Board of Directors of Berkshire Hathaway, Bill Gates came in (Bill Gates), one of the shareholders of the company and each Buffett. Buffett's very important principle – non-interference in the operational management of purchased companies. 'Oracle of Omaha "to buy a company that seems to him attractive, and the only efficient solution, which he accepts – or re-appointment of CEO and determination amount and terms of his remuneration. As a rule, compensation provides for control of the company stock options for achieving certain results. All other solutions are on the conscience manager.

In most cases, this approach justifies itself again – in order to increase their own compensation, control and improve the company's capitalization, which is what Buffett wants. Minimization risks – one of the cornerstones of the strategy Buffett. By his own admission, he would rather interesting from the acquisition, rather than going to increase the debt burden of the company. It is no accident his Berkshire Hathaway holding company is now one of only seven issuers with the highest credit rating according to the agency Moody's – Aaa. High credit rating provides a low cost of capital Buffett. Buffett believes that one of the main evils that are harmful to the modern economy is the wrong system of distribution of remuneration among financial market participants. In his view, a significant portion of transactions in the stock market and it is recommended made for the sake of personal enrichment mediators – different kinds of brokers and traders. It would be reasonable to limit the number of transactions allowed for each person throughout his life. Buffett gives a figure of 10 – not more than ten transactions in the life of each of the financial markets. Investments, investment management, investment project

“South-East” Internet-Shop Of Contemporary Ukrainian Artists

Paintings for sale – it's very subtle, and occupation-specific, requiring specialized knowledge and approach. In addition, you must have a delicate taste and be a psychologist to help our customers with a choice. Indeed, quite often buy picture of the gift, and you want expert advice. In the online shop sells paintings a variety of styles, subjects and techniques of performance. However, as experience shows, the most popular is always and there were oil paintings. That is understandable. They allow you to preserve and convey to their devotees expressive image, the brightness of colors for not only decades, but centuries. This high quality pictures oil gain due to: firstly, the own oil paints, which over time virtually no yellowing and no fade, thus maintaining the color palette, a matched initially by the author, and secondly, the special preparation of the canvas, in particular, its texture.

In addition, a ready-made product is covered with special varnish. This helps prevent flaking paint, and to avoid cracks and chips. And certainly, acquiring such picture of a gift, you can be confident that they will occupy a prominent place in his life and bring a maximum of pleasant emotions and good mood. We also prisutstvuyut articles on basic painting, you can follow any responses skotorymi read visiting sootvetstvuyuschie category on the site. Our store is cooperating with such famous masters of the brush as VD Karpenko, T. Knish, W. Tarasenko, VV Granenko, EV Chekrygen, I.

Menshikov, S. Patykovsky and other Nemenov talantlivymii artists. Photocopies of work on the site are presented in high definition, so you can more thoroughly consider the characteristics of the selected pictures. Get advice or to order a canvas can be liked in the format you require using the online application or contact section on our website.