German Engineers Association

In the training should be more pointed out possible careers and according to required skills. But although evaluated the management and leadership skills of the engineers of the staff decision makers as inadequate, little is invested in these areas. A study of the German Engineers Association (VDI) according to investment in human resources development and […]

Training Centre Bergler In Graz With Modern Teaching Concept Profession Success

In Austria, one of the most modern training centers for nursing and health professions in Europe is the training center has developed the name \”Oxford of health professionals\” Bergler in Graz/Austria. The training centre Bergler in Graz is one of the recognized educational institutions in the area of health-care professionals international and offers a tailored […]

With Certificate Against Unemployment And Shortage

Launch of the LHP movement and education society bad Waldsee, June 2009. Shortage is the economy in southern of Germany at the same time increasing unemployment with this paradoxical situation currently confronted. The LHP service and training company headquartered in the upper Swabian bad Waldsee new education provider this situation opposes. After an elaborate preparation […]

Youth Village

Open day in the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg/Germany on May 7, 2011 on Saturday, may 7, 2011 invites the CJD youth village for Offenburg the public a to the “open day”: from 11:00 until 16:30 young people and staff again diverse insights into the work and life in the village of youth offer. The training opportunities […]

The Fast Way To The Job Interview – The 9 Points Theory!

The slightly different application guide. As an ALLROUNDER quickly and effectively applications out skin and how to optimize the invitation/effort ratio. 90 percent of all companies expect online applications today, the good old application folder passee is just too much paperwork! With these tips you can send loose 50 to 100 applications per day. Plan […]