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Five Reasons

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory on December 1, 2007, there were 196.4 thousand insured persons entitled to the funded part of labor pensions, which are decided on the order of administration of this part of the pension. The motives of these 13.8% of total future retirees (data side) that may be involved in the fate of their retirement savings, understand, as well as understand the reasons that cause the rest do nothing. Check out Ebay for additional information. Are there concerns and fears, "undecideds" the real reason? There are enough reasons for cautious attitude to the pension reform from the majority of our fellow citizens. Some of them are based on negative experiences of previous generations, others are not rational character. The ratio of the pension reform, and the opportunity to dispose of their pension savings, it would be quite different if we all saw the part of the state not only an attempt to shift part of responsibility on our shoulders, but the first real concern about the current pensioners. Agree, hard to believe promises of a glorious future, watching the dreary present. However, whatever the immediate the results of pension reform miss the opportunity to dispose of its funded part of pension is not the best solution. Gain insight and clarity with Cushing Asset Management. If we consider the most common objections do not want to transfer the management of their savings in any other structure, except for government, we can conclude that the real reason is actually not so much.

Here they are: 1. My pension will manage non-financial institutions, of which I am very depend in old age. Under the current legislation strictly regulating and controlling the activities of pension funds and asset managers the financial organization violates the conditions of work with pension savings will not last for any considerable time and cause serious damage to save. In addition, the State has a subsidiary responsibility for the liabilities of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation to the insured persons.


I decided to go to the capital of Ukraine. Check prices for gostinnichnye numbers and realized that it was the day to shoot a number gostinnichny very cool. I had to look for alternatives. Then asked a few search engines interpretations of the word rent: apartment in Kiev, "Kiev ',' rent apartment Kiev ',' apartments for rent." Chose a few options with the most viable options, and began to ring. According to some phones simply does not respond, while others could not explain or Hamili. It is unclear how these people rent out their apartments, perhaps they do not need money.

In the end, found a normal person who adequately explained and all normally talk. He agreed to rent an apartment. For those who do not know the estimated time and check-out at the daily rent is exactly the same as in hotels 12 noon. Way for visitors to Kiev, as and probably in every city, it is desirable not to catch a taxi right outside the station. The price of a taxi if you walk two hundred meters from the station will be almost two times lower. Here is a quote from one site: "The price for rent per day does not depend on the number of people entering. Exquisite interior design solutions and will not disappoint even the most demanding guests.

The presence of all sorts of modern appliances and spacious rooms will comfortably get even a large family in the very center of Kiev. "I arrived in Kiev means settled. Price is fully consistent quality and all the pictures that were on the site consistent with a real apartment. The Commission did not pay, rest, work up, everything looked. And the money spent compared to a hotel if I was shooting in the half. In general, all the great, important to find adequate and sane person who is engaged in daily rent in Kiev. Good luck.

Insurance Regulation

Auto insurance is one of the most promising areas of business in Russia. Every second owner applies for foreign cars costing policy hull. There is a huge kolichstvo company offers insurance products. Each product consists of: 1. Policy (contract form) 2. Receipt (form A7) 3. Rules of voluntary (comprehensive) insurance stredstv ground transportation.

4. Certificate of inspection of the vehicle. At the conclusion of insurance contract should be paying attention to correctly filling agent of the policy, the receipt. But equal attention should be given to 'the rules of insurance', because This 'book') is crucial in the interaction the insured (customer) and an insurer (insurance company). In any insurance policy the insurance company has a link to these rules. Each company has insurance rules 'his'.

I borrowed an insurance contract and Ingosstrakh try to show in this example that the same should be addressed. To analyze the structure of the beginning of this book. (It is similar in many companies) 1.Obekty insurance 2.Strahovye risks, insurance claims, from 3.Isklyucheniya insurance coverage; 4.Poryadok determining the sum insured; 5.Dogovor insurance 6.Prava and obligations of the parties; 7.Vzaimotnosheniya parties when the insured event; 8. Documents required for insurance payments; 9.Poryadok determine the amount of loss and insurance payments; 10.Dvoynoe insurance; 11.Perehod the insurer of the claim of the insured for damages; 12.Poryadok Disputes. I will try to to explain why it is necessary to read this book: For example, paragraph 2, will give you a full list of events, upon the occurrence of which the insurer agrees to reimburse you for damage. Third paragraph will tell you at those events, upon the occurrence of which, You will be pointless to apply to the company. Second paragraph contains a timeline for handling your insurance company about the possibility of applying for insurance events without certificates from the competent restrictions on the events (eg loss of a key) that can be killed for a change in the insurance contract. Knowing the eighth paragraph, you will be able to provide all documents nobhodimye trahovuyu company and not to delay payment. This article was reviewed kratenkim insurance rules. Its purpose was to draw your attention in the insurance contract. About 35% of insurers do not get their money from non-compliance with insurance regulations, which they have not read.


They stimulate tezavratsionny, investment and speculative demand for the yellow metal, he creates a special and rapidly growing field of application. There is no reason to believe that the value and strength These factors will weaken. Gold's role in the global monetary system can be a topic for discussion between the leading countries in the near future. It would be too naive to think that gold "will replace all that is in the area of payment and cash equivalents. The world is already different, not what was under the gold standard, but most of gold's role may well become a topic for discussion in the coming months and years to come. There is enough is a common misconception that inflation dollar and the euro is very low, which is supported by publications that in the euro area, say, next year inflation will amount to EUR 4% per year.

While the inflation forecast hryvnia in Ukraine corresponds to more than 20%. Note that currently the interest rates of bank deposits constitute about 19% for the hryvnia and 11% for the euro. Thus, it would seem that inflation-adjusted earnings on the deposit in euros is 11 – 4 = + 7%, and UAH 19 – 20 = – 1%, ie, bank deposits in euro represented a much more profitable. However, let's see what the results are obtained by calculating the inflation rate in relation to gold. Average annual inflation period / euro currency dollar hryvnia November 1999 – November 2002 3.8% 2.7% 7.6% November 2002 – November 2005 8.1% 14% 12% November 2005 – November 2008 12% 15% 21% The calculations used the average of three years to smooth out the irregular fluctuations and identify the overall trend.