Professional Portraits

Photograph – a form of image rights. High-grade photograph can convey a wealth of information about the object being photographed. In particular, the peculiarities of his appearance, emotional status, social status, etc. Even the most simple studio portrait can reveal the nature and depth of human soul, which is especially evident in the expression of […]


These loops are tightly knit than the rest of the loop series. Securing the loop last happy. There are two ways to consolidate the (closing) the loop of the last series. We encourage you to sample both to decide which way suits you best. 1 – way. Edge loop to remove the right needle is […]


The metric count of yarn characterizes the thickness of the yarn and the yarn is the number of meters in one gram. Number of yarn can be calculated by dividing the length of thread on a reel, expressed in meters, the coil mass in grams. Thus, the yarn is thicker so it metric number is […]