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Real Estate Marketing

Due to the rising number of broadband Internet connections, the Internet offers you a completely new medium to present your products alive. In a question-answer forum Intel was the first to reply. The Internet has become in recent years the most important medium for selling real estate. Most visitors start their search on the net. Therefore, it is important to present the benefits of your property for you. To represent information memorable and sustainable, it is necessary to appeal to all senses in a useful and complementary combination.

In addition to sound and music, moving images in play the largest role. With our online video presentations a professional impression and stand out from the crowd your property. By reducing unnecessary appointments, save valuable time and can concentrate more on the really interested customers. Real estate marketing by use of real estate videos lifting themselves with a real estate video from their competitors off. Your prospective customers have the possibility of the housing by means of a virtual video tour around the clock from any place of the world to visit. Real estate video due to the rising number of broadband Internet connections provides the Internet to present a completely new medium to your products alive. Can then visit your real estate buyers when it best suits them. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a real estate video reach not only a lot more people, but save time because the prospect of an effective inspection is now much larger. Marco Wulf

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a relatively new concept in the world of the Internet more customers through clever linking brands and content. Those responsible in the advertising departments of large companies have seen a, that is the World Wide Web since the emergence of the so-called “Web 2.0” sites has changed considerably. While many people were happy in the past to find a related Web page, in the endless desert of text at all the claims are now much higher. A large part of the Internet user is looking for the solution to any problem, and content marketing offers the chance to provide high-quality information and thereby bordering their own products to indicate. In this respect, content marketing is a win-win situation. The knowledge of their own target group is crucial to the success, since the efforts in the empty. Content marketing is not the same as advertising? The big difference from conventional advertising is the resulting value for the reader. Usually advertising it is designed, the To present product message in compressed form.

As a result, that some slogans consist of three or four words that are repeated, until they are seared in the minds of consumers. Whether you reach an identification with the products of the company in this way, is questionable. Especially Internet users feel disturbed by intrusive advertisement. Unlike before, they no longer a necessary evil accept advertising. Today, many users are looking for reputable sources of information that aren’t overloaded with advertising banners.

Content marketing is about posting articles, content marketing involves not only the publishing of high-quality texts on the Internet. As more and more people have mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets, it is forced this development, to take into account and also this user group to offer high-class content. Especially Smartphonebesitzer rarely use their device to read article long. For this reason more companies develop free apps, the users of the own products to introduce. Who really wants to inspire the people, must come at the present time something the market is virtually flooded with free apps, and some effort is needed to stand out from the competition. Content marketing as a starting point of the brand communication as is content linked to a brand? First of all, appropriate topics must be identified. In the case of a carmaker, this could be for example the theme of mobility. In the form of appropriate apps, the theme is processed and made tangible. The social media are also a place where content marketing tries to inspire the people for the company’s products. To have success in the long run on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, it is necessary to post regularly interesting content. It is important to adapt the language of the user and to discuss with them. So you can work out in the course of time a stable fanbase.

TYPO Websites

Accountants gain more customers via the Internet your own homepage is indispensable for a tax in addition to the still very effective referral marketing today, because potential clients inform himself increasingly on the Internet before you make an appointment for an initial consultation. With the own website improve tax advisors not only the findability of their firm in the network, but can present here customer-oriented their range and their specialization. NEGSTPRODUCTION provides websites to complex solutions for Accountants on the basis of the content management system TYPO3 beginners package. Elon Musk is full of insight into the issues. The content management system is easy to use, so that content can be easily updated and commited. For smaller firms, the entry-level package offers the ideal conditions gradually itself to develop the website. The starter package offers the possibility, all relevant information such as company profile, team, services, directions and contact information in a clearly structured navigation to represent. Additional content such as a glossary of terms and current information can be incorporated as needed without much effort.

Shopping On The Net Popular

The number of consumers who shop on the Internet, rose to over 97 percent, which corresponds to an increase of more than 28 percent in the past two years. The INNOFACT market research company now presented these figures in the context of the current source Web shopping 2009 trend study. This, more than 1000 Internet users aged between 18 and 64 years were interviewed in April of this year to their purchasing behavior in the network. It was found: not only the number of consumers who shop on the Internet, has increased significantly, almost half of them (44.3 percent) are significantly more money than in the year before. Despite the economic crisis, over 90 per cent of the respondents are sure that the Internet will be the fastest-growing distribution channel in the next five years.

Because the shopping on the net is easy: regardless of shop opening times consumer can calmly here browse the varied, inform yourself and order. DaySie shopping offers this not like many other Internet platforms an anonymous shopping experience, the many of the Respondents find detrimental when online shopping. Instead, the consumer under finds numerous small specialized professionals and retailers who are waiting in their Web shops not only with first-class products and services, but also the related advice. The traders that are found on the shopping platform, is it specialists and professional women as competently and comprehensively advise the buyer, who turns to it over the Internet, as it is the case locally, at the counter.

New: Advertise On The Premium Wedding Portal 1001hochzeiten

Present your offers targeted to an interested audience of 1001hochzeiten.de, one of the leading wedding portals of in Germany, published as expert page article to all areas of the theme of marriage. The wedding business directory addition offers a comprehensive range of services and products for wedding couples. The search can restrict itself on federal countries, postal codes and industries so that users can easily find the appropriate providers in their area. Recently, 1001hochzeiten service providers offers several ways to present their offers to a relevant audience, and to advertise related topic on the page. There are several advertising models individually respond to the different needs of different providers.

In the book industry, service providers have the choice between a basic entry with all important data relating to the company. The Premiumeintrag complements the basic entry to an enhanced presence and priority over the other entries. On the various There are also now a related topic, exclusive display to switch the possibility to present its own offering in a prominent position on the page to the appropriate target group category pages. The recommendations that 1001 exclusively to a product, a brand or a service selects and presents on the appropriate article page are a special offer. All three promotional models, 1001hochzeiten offers the possibility to present the own service or its products to an interested audience and to acquire to target new relevant customers. Manja Kuchel, 1001hochzeiten

Redcoon.de Is A Rising Star Of The Month

Imager ranking of the ECC shop monitor may 2010 Aschaffenburg, May 20, 2010. redcoon.de is the current imager ranking of the ECC shop monitor on rank 5. This is the specialist discounter for consumer electronics, white goods, computers, photo- and sports requisites climber of the month. The ECC shop monitor will trade monthly of the E-Commerce Center (ECC trade) collected at the Institute for commercial research in Cologne. In the monthly online survey of 1,000 Internet users, redcoon.de won an image rating 3.58 points. The authoritative rating scale ranges from 1 (very poor) to 5 (very good).

“Noteworthy: not a single one of the 1,000 respondents rated redcoon as a very bad image”. With the image value reached redcoon.de is located in the best company with online stores like Amazon, Tchibo and the Musikhaus Thomann. The image is very good by redcoon.de for the population aged 20 to 29 years old in this group, the electronic mailers with 3.77 cuts off. Similar (3.75) is the value for those who have a monthly household income of less than 500 euros. This shows that redcoon.de especially in the people well received, which must have their spending very carefully at a glance”, explains managing director Reiner Heckel to redcoon-.

You have noticed clearly that shopping at redcoon.de is very favourable.” Base of the ECC shop monitor is the monthly survey of 1,000 internet representative selected Web users aged 16 and over. “The provided them, question: what impression they have of the following online stores and shopping portals.” The survey lists the top 20 B2C providers on the basis of the ranking of best-selling German shopping portals and online shops by iBusiness respectively. redcoon.com has around four million visitors in the month of one of the largest online electronics stores in Germany and Europe. The company’s success is based on a huge selection of current trend products at extremely competitive prices. In addition an excellent shop and logistics concept and excellent service after sale and repair. About redcoon.de: Electronics cheap. redcoon.de is one of the largest specialized discount stores for consumer electronics, white goods, computers, photo- and sports requisites in the German-speaking Internet. One of the largest European suppliers in this segment is redcoon (www.redcoon.com) with its own online shops in nine countries. Headquartered in Aschaffenburg, Germany was founded in 2003 and enjoys an excellent reputation as online provider for consumer electronics among consumers. A huge selection of current products, excellent prices and a shop – and logistics concept that leaves hardly a customer are basis for this success. Around two million Internet users visit the German redcoon shop every month, Europe is a monthly well over four million Internet visitors. Average sent redcoon about 180,000 products every month and win every day around 2,000 new customers. Reiner Heckel is the founder and CEO of redcoon.de. Press contact: redcoon GmbH Andrea Civan marketing Tel.: + 49 (0) 6021 / 44 78-201 fax: + 49 (0) 6021 / 44 78-200 E-mail: Web: Herbert grave digit media Schulberg 5 D-72124 Pliezhausen Tel.: + 49 (0) 7127 / 5707-10 E-mail:

Virtual Aviation English

Registrants from virtual community are welcome virtual aviation and simulation is going to be more and more important. Can a virtual airline get aero domain? With the success of second life and other virtual worlds that exist only within the Internet and the World Wide Web, a growing number of individuals and organizations are asking if they can register their virtual names within the .aero domain. As the organization responsible for the integrity of the aero name, SITA is eager to welcome registrants from the virtual community. However, the eligibility criteria for those involved in the virtual community is the same as for those in the real community. Registration can only be accepted for real people or real legal organizations that meet the same criteria as real airlines, airports or pilots. The simplest way for anyone involved in the virtual air transport community to prove they are eligible is if they possess a pilot license for REAL aviation, a glider’s license, a certification that they are a member of that on air sports club is on FAI members, any proof of afiliation with to FAI member organization, as well as being a holder of at airline air crew identity card, a holder of a flight instructor certificate, flight engineer certificate issued by national civil aviation authority, Airman certificate or similar. The policy on virtual aviation networks is of difficult under review with the dot Aero Council (DAC). Any changes to the current policy will be published. Hans-Peter Oswald