Viktor Maier

New homepage for Viktor Maier by atlantis media GmbH Viktor Maier is 18 years old and a talented young footballers. Since 2006, the defensive ALLROUNDER in the Hamburger Sportverein is under contract. There he put it after a short time in the second team of HSV. The company Athlos management represents Viktor Maier and atlantis […]

Dortmund Chamber

They’re real or already a Fakeprofil? In today’s social media marketing course, I talked with participants about the risks of the networking of individual social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, XING, etc from the Business Academy Ruhr in the Dortmund Chamber of Commerce. Among them was the Fakeprofile that occurred widely in the media, so profiles […]

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a relatively new concept in the world of the Internet more customers through clever linking brands and content. Those responsible in the advertising departments of large companies have seen a, that is the World Wide Web since the emergence of the so-called “Web 2.0” sites has changed considerably. While many people were […]

New: Advertise On The Premium Wedding Portal 1001hochzeiten

Present your offers targeted to an interested audience of, one of the leading wedding portals of in Germany, published as expert page article to all areas of the theme of marriage. The wedding business directory addition offers a comprehensive range of services and products for wedding couples. The search can restrict itself on federal […]