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Germinated Seeds

" It is not possible to be discarded that the product contaminated with the bacterium already totally has been processed and vendido" , the minister of Agriculture of Saxony Loss says. There are 18 classes of seeds germinated under suspicion, between which they appear buds of brcoli, of pea, chick-pea, bean, garlic, lentil and radish. The number increases to 22 of died by the bud of ' E. coli' , according to the virological Instituro of Berlin. Seeds germinated coming from a distributor of Saxony Loss could be the origin of the infection by E.coli that has already summoned up 21 lives in Germany and one in Sweden, announced in a press conference the Ministry of Agriculture of that Germanic federal state. Still they lack the definitive results of laboratory that are expected in the evening for this Monday, " but the indications are so clear that the ministry recommends to resign at the moment to the consumption of brotes" , the holder of Agriculture of Saxony Loss declared, Gert Lindemann. In a question-answer forum Mark Bertolini was the first to reply. " It is not possible to be discarded that the product contaminated with the bacterium already totally has been processed and sold " , it added. According to the regional minister, an employee of the indicated, located distributor in the district of Uelzen, has been diagnosed with this intestinal bacterium.

" For us plausible&quot is the contagion cause more; , it indicated. It added that " the buds can have arrived from direct form or through intermediaries at establishments in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklemburgo-Antepomerania, Hesse and Baja Sajonia". The minister spoke in particular of 18 classes of seeds germinated under suspicion, between which they appear buds of brcoli, of pea, chick-pea, bean, garlic, lentil and radish. The minister indicated that the affected company temporarily has been closed like preventive measure and that the distributed seeds will be retired. However, he added that these suspicions do not put the recommendations done by the virological Institute at issue Robert Koch of Berlin of not consuming cucumbers, tomatos and lettuces without cooking.

National Consell

The force of Catalonia in Madrid CiU will center its campaign in the equidistance between PP and PSOE and having used another one of its arguments appellants: that it is the unique party that has sufficient force to dnder the interests of Catalonia in Madrid: " The popular ones want to present/display to CiU like next to Zapatero and the other like next to Rajoy. Luckyly, neither one nor the other has razn" , east Friday has remembered Last in their letter-Web to the UDC militancy. The other great bet of the nationalistic federation is to negotiate with the next government, is of the PSOE or the PP, an economic concert for Catalonia. Between the incognitos of the elections, he is if the cuts in the social services can pass invoice to CiU, which did not happen in the policemen of two months ago in which the federation conquered for the first time feudos Socialists until then unconquerable, like the Delegation of Barcelona or the City councils of Barcelona and Girona. The incognito of republicans ERC maintains its forecast to choose its candidate to the general elections the 3 of September in National Consell, the 17 of September will be chosen to its leader by means of primary and in the first weekend, it will do his congress. The main incognito in the republicans is who will be its candidate: the option of which Joan Ridao stops being it, and between the names that are shuffled to replace to him, university professor Ferran Requejo and the writer Alfred Bosch gains followers. In fact, also the one of &#039 has a similar profile (; intelectual' of noticeable soberanista profile and far from partisan battles) Oriol Junqueras, that start off like favorite in the primary ones to lead ERC, process with which the party tries to end the internal tensions and electoral fiasco that began in the last generals, when ERC happened of eight deputies in 2004 to three. The expansion of the PPC the Catalan PP must choose candidate, responsibility that in 2004 and 2008 Dolors Nadal occupied, and its main challenge is to return to be the surprise of the elections, after in the Catalans it made record with 18 deputies and in the policemen it would conquer for the first time great mayorships like Castelldls and Badalona, and so it trusts to appear like a party of government in Catalonia. The disillusioned ones On the other hand, ICV-EUiA will appear with will to catch to the voter of lefts disillusioned with " turn to derecha" that the PSOE with its policies against the crisis, and their leader has done, Joan Herrera, already has confirmed who will choose to their candidate by means of primary. Initiative will reedit its coalition with EUiA, rrente of IU in Catalonia, besides which there is agreement in all the State between United Left and ecological parties. Source of the news: The electoral advance forces the Catalan parties to activate its east machinery summer

Tributary Agency

The Sicav only must pay by 1% of the activity that realises (the tax of societies), that usually is the purchase and sale of action; but never by the capital gains, that happen to comprise of the Sicav. Chollo legal that the technicians of Property want to fight. Another great colateral public prosecutor to elude to pay by the rents of the patrimony is the patrimonial societies, created to make profitable patrimonies, but that actually many use to have patrimony that generates losses. " It is a legal form to evade money, for that reason the law must change. From Gestha we asked that a society of patrimonial portfolio or pays as if they had &quot in a personal view; , Miller explains. Numbers that by themselves speak the fiscal evasion in Spain, in 2009, suppose about 88,000 million Euros, of them 73,706 corresponds to evasion of great companies and 16,179, to independent ones and SMEs, according to Gestha. According to a report of FUNCAS corresponding to period 1980-2008, the official economy measured by the GIP was duplicated, whereas the submerged one was quadruplicated. The Tributary Agency collected 10,043 million in activities against the fiscal fraud, in 2010, a 23% more that in 2009, according to Gestha, that also contributes the rest of data of this summary.

The average debt of the great contributors inspected in 2010 was of four million Euros. The number of submerged economy includes the fiscal and labor fraud. A 66.21% of that submerged economy have a fiscal component and a 33.78%, labor. Meaning that of 100 Euros ' negros' , 66 Euros are by fiscal evasion and almost 34 by fraud to the Social Security. Source of the news: The new tax of societies as soon as it will have impact in fighting the fiscal fraud