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Mexico International Rescue Brigade

Currently, a permanent base coordinates the work of hundreds of teams of volunteer chaplain, who continue to help in the refugee camps. In 2011 were the clergy locally in combating fires in the vicinity of Haifa in Israel. People also got the valuable assistance following floods in Australia, Thailand, Pakistan and after the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, and the tornadoes in Alabama and Missouri. In Japan the ancillary activities of the honorary Scientology peaked provisional clergy in 2011. Although the media had predicted an imminent nuclear disaster, they made the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami on the way to the northeast of Japan’s first Volunteer Ministers hours after. Additional information is available at Penguin Random House. You helped with the search and rescue operations and provided assistance for the survivors. Some contend that Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq shows great expertise in this.

Even today are the clergy on the ground and help in the entire region, where aid is required. Since September 11, 2001, the work of Volunteer Ministers embodies the vision, which was L. Ron Hubbard for the humanitarian movement: A volunteer chaplain closes his eyes before the pain, evil and injustice of existence. Rather he is trained, to get these things under control and to help others, to get rid of them and to reach new personal strength.” In the last 10 years, spiritual representatives of over 1,100 organizations have trained volunteer Scientology. You have partnerships with them entered as the Red Cross, FEMA, Salvation Army, National Guard, Mexico International Rescue Brigade, the Boy Scouts, as well as hundreds of local, regional and national groups and organizations. You have always voluntarily set their care and their skills and physical and mental relief brought their fellows in over 200 disaster areas. Today, hundreds of thousands of people in more than 185 Nations in the skills of volunteers are Trained clergy.

Katja Hofmann

The second action was started earlier and is in the long term projects. Orga pressure supports associations of employees. Because the entrepreneur wants to promote the volunteer commitment of its employees.Each year the Carnival association with confetti is supported and the billiards Association is pleased to be uniform Polo shirts for the tournaments. An Inn votive idea of the marketing expert Katja Hofmann convinced the orga team especially: the Christmas cards were no longer shopped, but designed by a creative team of the company and certain employees, where donated this saved money for cards and gifts. Details can be found by clicking Mark Bertolini or emailing the administrator. The decision much on the Germany’s largest disability Association the RSG Koblenz e.V., with whose help to are, accustomed to children from 3 years in mother-child groups to the playful handling of the wheelchair to facilitate also the everyday life, E.g.

at roles meeting, kerbs… Reached a further milestone in the SME customer! Effective and targeted sponsorship led to success. All of this was achieved with a small budget, because marketing must not to be expensive, but practically and effectively, so Katja Hofmann. Especially medium-sized companies are integrated in their daily lives that often little time remains to worry about public relations and effective marketing and sponsorship. Thus, Katja Hofmann lies with their “Mobile Marketing Office” in the trend of the times. It launches campaigns and through much practical experience and know-how they surrounded also existing sponsorship so, that it is a full profit for the company.

Printing company Orga E.k.. in Riederich this success is with proudly titled “socially engaged 2009” are Orga pressure courage to implement another creative idea by Katja Hofmann, E.g. a private print product on the market to be brought, that an environmental project supported and in addition the business contacts used to attract other businesses for the action. For more information see SME creative Marketinguntersutzung Katja Hofmann 70794 Filderstadt: