Benefits Of Cyberspace

Usually, this means that the timing of stretch and there is no sense of boundaries and time. When face to face counseling session lasts an average of 60 minutes, Online therapy is not real time, there is only psychological. Cyberspace creates an interactive time, which flies to each their own way. Letters can be reread […]

More Physical

Nagel: "(…) when we discovered the chemical composition of water, we are dealing with something that is obviously out there in the physical world. When we found out that it is composed of atoms, we are only reducing a physical substance to minor physical parts (…) More to discover that chocolate taste is really just […]

Common Errors

Not wanting to know the details of the death or mourn inconsolably think we lose the integrity are some of the topics most often try to avoid when there is loss of a loved one. Psychologists recommend depart from the following errors: Thinking that when a person dies, loses his memory The memory and emotional […]


UNIASSELVI Full Licenciatura in Geografia (GED-0611) Sociology Generality and of Education 09/05/2009 SUMMARY The violence in youth is something that comes gradual increasing to each day, according to studies, this phenomenon these on directly social and economic inaqualities of the society. The violent people are in all place, house, transit it, the streets, in the […]