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More Physical

Nagel: "(…) when we discovered the chemical composition of water, we are dealing with something that is obviously out there in the physical world. When we found out that it is composed of atoms, we are only reducing a physical substance to minor physical parts (…) More to discover that chocolate taste is really just a brain process, we have to analyze something mental (in terms of physical parts), and there is no way that a number of physical brain events are the parties that is made a sensation of taste: a whole can be analyzed in physical physical parts, but not a mental process: the physical parts can not be added to all mental "1 . Although it considered other kinds of examples (ie the theory of gravity), where the application of the phenomenon to describe the macroscopic behavior, Smart but not the ultimate reason for the relationship, nothing prevents the need for further research towards such an understanding. On the contrary, the thesis searliana, saving zeal to banish the idea that mental emergency escapes be something miraculous science, paradoxically seems to impose a kind of epistemological explanatory roof, "where we know that the brain causes mind, but do not understand (or should ask) why. The following are intended to outline a set of practical guidelines designed to better address the problem of the mind. The Pragmatic THE PROBLEM OR HOW TO TRANSFORM PROBLEM IN GUIDELINES FOR ACTION * Balancing the tension between an ontological and theoretical understanding (what is this?) And an instrumentalist-pragmatic (how do).

Online Psychologist – Advice From Abroad

Psychologist sees through people. He was taught this in college. He is always himself in mind. Once silent – means you analyze. Since it is always necessary to be alert.

Psychologist – a skilled manipulator. This, too, in his institute taught. A bit distracted in communion with him – he hypnotized you and makes you, what he wants. Such people are simply better to avoid. Attend counseling psychologist – is like going to the reception to the 'botanist'. In humans, it does not understand, fixated on their 'smart' ideas, not having a real life in any way.

Psychologist – just someone who is well versed in the people and knows how to communicate with them. Nothing to do with education. Everyone can say, 'Yes I am my own psychologist!. "Professional family psychologist with something like a mafia boss. He always judge you 'on-equity. Get all the facts and insights with Vikas Kapoor, another great source of information. " To him should go, when you realize that the head is not right. Family psychologist loves dig in early childhood. If you think you're in something is not right, he will always help you lay the blame on parents. Psychological counseling – it is fashionable. Therefore, it is necessary to visit a long time. While you will be a family psychologist 'Analyze' and 'work out', you have every right to remain as was. A psychologist is like magic. You pay big money, and you in one session corrected something in your 'unconscious'. If this is a good psychologist, it all happens without your involvement. Psychological counseling is needed when you are no longer understood.

Optical Imaging Technology

Another scanning technology, called optical imaging, initiated by Professor Amiram Grinvald and the Weizman Institute in Israel, works in real time with very high resolution and allows researchers to observe how the neurons become active individual. It is expected that around 2030 and further development of these technologies will enable capturing the electrical activity of central nervous system and preserve, therefore, emotions, feelings and thoughts. In other words, mental activities that take place in the brain from the seen, heard, or thought that may be detected, recorded, analyzed and automatically arranged in a computer system designed and assigned to that purpose. 3 – Clinical studies on near-death experiences (NDE) A near-death experience (NDE) is the report of the memories of all impressions during a special state of consciousness, including specific elements such as out of body experience , pleasant feelings, and seeing a tunnel, a light, deceased relatives, or a life review. The uniqueness of ECM is an episode when it occurs while the brain activity logs determine that it has ceased.

Dutchman Van Lommel’s cardiologist, has reported a score of cases of patients who have had such experiences expansion of consciousness during a period when their brains registered activity. This no doubt is impossible according to the current level of medical knowledge, since, according to conocimieto accepted by current neuroscience, consciousness occurs in the brain. .

Strength Emotions

I welcome all and today we'll talk about such things as our emotions. We all have there are times when we feel angry, annoyed, arrive in apathy or depression, and there are times when we feel joy, delight, passion and enjoyment of our zhizn.I secret is not to never feel negative emotions, it's impossible. And today, we're not talking about positive thinking, but a force that we can use to find your emotions and signals to the action, which they give. Any emotion that are born in your life 'is a call to action'. Think about something for a minute. Most importantly you feel now? People often say they want more money, more good relations and so on.

For example, if they eat they feel better. Or if they have more money, they feel more secure and more free. Or if they have a good relationship, they will chuvstovat a stronger sense of love. But in fact they do not want relations, they do not want money or a lot of food – they want chuvstovat better. They want to change something, what emotions they experience, to change the saturation of his life emotions. I I think that is very important to reconsider his view on emotions. Sometimes emotions can be negative.

And these emotions that cause us the most pain can be our 'best friends'. They give us signals that we need something change. And if we take into account these signals and use them, then we can change our quality of life. So remember – the emotions that ultimately always sila.Oni start of the war, because they get married, because they also get divorced, thanks to them we have children, they can make us sick, or heal us.

Professor Don Giulio

Being thus Mirco it decides, with aid of the Felice, to make the work on the nature, considered for its Professor Don Giulio, through writings. However, the work well is not received on the part from the Director reprehends who it severely, accusing it to steal the recorder and ribbons of the school for illicit purposes, without considering the great innovation and creativity of the work developed for the child. The insensibilidade of the director, also blind, takes in them to bring tona the questioning of Lane (1998, P. 16): ‘ ‘ what it happened with our subjectivity for we lose the capacity to feel friendship, to have/to be friend? ‘ ‘ From this Mirco moment it starts to count on the support of Professor Don Giulio who, with the sensitivity of an educator, presenteia it with a new recorder stimulates and it to use other directions and consequently to learn braile.

In this half Mirco time Francesca knows, a bold girl, son of the caretaker of the institution, that in partnership with Mirco goes to live diverse emotions, therefore, what it calls the attention the girl is that it affirms that still obtains to enxergar, different of the other boys who recognized its condition of blind people. this acceptance (or not acceptance) is related to the emotions, meanings and experiences of the individual, as in the Gonzlez-Rey sample: ‘ ‘ The emotions take forms and relations that are not defined in way immediate for one meant. Something that two people share with one same meaning does not go to have one same emotional value for them. (…) These directions in turn will be responsible for the trajectory of different life of these people from the experience that enfrentaram’ ‘. (2004, P. 136) Being thus, Mirco puts in question its proper limits, as when it is submitted to walk of bicycle the Francesca together with, secretely, leaving the institute for a private ticket.

Common Errors

Not wanting to know the details of the death or mourn inconsolably think we lose the integrity are some of the topics most often try to avoid when there is loss of a loved one. Psychologists recommend depart from the following errors: Thinking that when a person dies, loses his memory The memory and emotional attachments do not disappear. Remain, and appear as passengers memories or dreams. Believing that to overcome the pain we must immediately return to our normal lives should give us time to reflect and to experience the pain coping with the harsh emotional process that involves loss. Thinking that we should not know the details of death, nor see the body Although it is hard to know the details of the disappearance of a loved one helps them accept the reality of the absence.

The lack of information can create confusion and unrealistic fantasies. Believing that when shown anger, pain and hopelessness are more prone to depression The expression of these feelings is necessary because it allows them to process the loss and grief is drafted, although they may be perceived as exaggerated or specific manifestations of cultures or underdeveloped countries. Consider that affection for the absent must be expressed in moderation Although our culture valued strength of character and integrity, we must allow free expression of painful emotions. To undertake radical changes is not the best time to sell property, decided to move house, take care of grandchildren to alleviate the loneliness … Let time pass before making important decisions. Keep things as when was your clothes in the same place, the room as always … do not shrines in memory of your loved one.

It will take forever in the memory and, therefore, will you. Store ashes in house homes are places of life, not death. Do not fall into the temptation to turn your home into a sanctuary. Hinder the grieving process.


UNIASSELVI Full Licenciatura in Geografia (GED-0611) Sociology Generality and of Education 09/05/2009 SUMMARY The violence in youth is something that comes gradual increasing to each day, according to studies, this phenomenon these on directly social and economic inaqualities of the society. The violent people are in all place, house, transit it, the streets, in the schools, at last violence generate each time more violence. Word-key: Violence, Youth, School. 1 INTRODUCTION According to definitions of the word violence, one understands that any type of abuse or use of the force against some person is characterized as violence act, but this is not the only type of violence, still has the verbal, moral and even though pedagogical violence . Some presented data point that the number of involved young with the violence, not> Violence: 1. Quality or character of what he is violent; 2.

Abuse of the force; 3. Tyranny, oppression; 4. Violent action; 5. Physical or moral constaint; 6. Any force used against the will. (RIVERS, p.547, 2007) The violence is a estruturante component of the Brazilian society, as well as the idea that the poor persons do not need social politics and yes of punishment.

Thousands of children die in the peripheries and at least they are notified, therefore the press that we have is the classroom press. This violence if opposes the ethics because it treats rational and sensible beings, endowed with language as if they were things, beings> irrationals. It is in this territory that we must act as progressive educators, therefore relations are being constructed between diverse citizens that interact in the school. We must act so that the school if opposes in fact to the banalizao of the violence and refuses the politicalizao of the problems also faced for the school.