Man Rocket Time

My mother was a great inventor and she taught in them, I and my brothers, to make toys with materials that did not serve more. It already wise person to make recycling of materials since its infancy, everything what she did not serve more turned toy. It was a species of familiar cultural inheritance. Its […]

Sad History

That day was atypical, I became involved myself and I finished forgetting my consultation routine. Costumo to say that my days in the south are short and in the north is long. But my son bound of the college to inform to me of my commitment and if she offered to follow me. I accepted […]

The Sky

The Sky light despertou the strong it. It saw a surrounded blue sky piece of building with a round white cloud in moon form. That vision was surprising, thought it, as if the sky wanted to open to the force a space to pass between the building that if espremiam looking for impediz it to […]

Zeno And Enzo

Port of Mileto, Greece, century III B.C. Seated in a next wall to the port, Enzo observed the sea and the wharf. To the side of it, absorbed, Zeno looked the city. In the wharf they were two ships. The boats with two rows of we remos and a candle, that was only used with […]