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European Crisis

The present European crisis shakes the confidence that has come declaring in the last months in spite of the blow received by the crisis of the United States. It is for that reason that the Association of Real estate Developers are detailed data about the existing commercial relation between Mexico and the European Union, which does not turn out to be as strong as the existing one with the neighboring country of the north. Ebay is often quoted on this topic. Luckyly not yet it is possible on the matter to have an estimation of the economic impact that can be obtained from the present European crisis, specifically in the real estate market of Mexico; nevertheless, managers of the Association of Desarrolladores Inmobiliarios (ADI) anticipated in press conference that is in a moment so that data or numbers are announced that speak of the speculation for this period. The advantage of this crisis on the previous one is that a commercial relation with Europe as with the United States does not exist so hard, reason why probably will be no a so direct affectation. Even, the relation that existed sometimes with Spain in the branch real estate she is not the same and the market of the real estate ones in the DF has even been had with American clients. At present the ADI is conformed by fifty and four companies, and the seventy and five percent of the investors are foreign. Some Spanish companies like the Lar Group, Mall Group, Global OHL exist and Via, that to today are part of real estate the residential ones of luxury, but are still stable and solid in Mexican earth, reason why very it is precipitated to speak of a cease in his activities or to even touch the subject of the retirement of these companies of the national market. Even, the same companies have gotten to announce commitments of investment in several work projects that involve numbers, which surpass million dollars both. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that in spite of the crisis undergone in the previous years, the activity in the real estate market was favored and in growth, slow but constant, in Mexican earth, last dates one even was increased the activity of remarkable way, what is already an indicator of which the present European crisis could affect in minimum form the development of the real estate market. Original author and source of the article.


The Balearics have decided to externalizar the management of their ports. The reason is economic, which means level that it is wanted to collect more than is collected. Then, in Ciutadella they have had an idea that can be interesting and one of the few tables of salvation to which it is possible to be tried to take hold the user of the ports susceptible to be auctioned and is the municipalizacin of the same. One is a model widely spread in France and that counts on enough positive aspects to consider. The first that is worth pain to mention is that it is the own town (its city council) the one that decides the port model that wants to have and that way the management more is fit to the interests of the inhabitants of the municipality instead of to respond to the policy and the resources of an autonomic or national administration. On the other hand, we have the city council decides the tariffs that are due to apply based on the paper that the port plays in the economy and the society of the municipality, reason why can bet by more social tariffs if it interests to him to foment nautical activity and the access to the sea of a greater number of citizens either another type of restrictive pricing the more. But in any case it is possible to be assured that the tariffs will be lower than those of that it has had to bid up in a contest and must pay a crazy canon besides obtaining his own benefit. And since we spoke of benefit, it seems quite logical that, to take place this one, it results in favor of the community and of the municipal coffers instead of to go to stop to the accounts of tal o cual society or organization without profit spirit.

Elucidation Block

It is important to indicate as it were pronounced, that it enters the results of this summit emphasized the creation of a Bottom of Guarantees for the Micro ones, Small and Medians Companies of the Mercosur, the company/signature in an agreement of preferences commercial with the countries of the south of Africa and the extension in the commercial agreement with Chile to include the sector services. Significant it was also the decision of the Mercosur and Venezuela, in total process of adhesion to the block, to absorb the exports that Bolivia will stop sending towards the USA before the decision of Washington to suspend the preferences that granted to the Andean country by their efforts in the fight against the drug trafficking. The support to the president of Bolivia is emphasized once again, Evo Morales, who was one of the few points of consensus between the agent chief executives in the summit of the Unasur that immediately took place after the one of the Mercosur in Coast do Saupe. The final declaration of the appointment of Unasur expresses " his reconocimiento" to the report of the Commission of Elucidation of the slaughter happened in the Bulging region Bolivian of the past September, in that 20 farmers died, in its majority following of the Government of Morals. The call Commission of the Truth, coordinated by Argentine jurist Rodolfo Mattarollo, established responsibility of the authorities of Bulging in which it describes like " a crime of lesa humanidad".

Nevertheless, it was not arrived at a consensus to loosen the designation of the Secretary General of the block, integrated by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guayana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela. " It was not spoken of any name for the General&quot Secretariat; of the Unasur, it was limited to comment in Brazilian chancellor, Celso Amorim. The problem is born from I veto from Uruguay to the candidacy of ex- Argentine president Nstor Kirchner (2003-2007) to lead the South-American block.


If it cannot walk in needle heels, it does not buy them. Stroll by the store in several meters of height reason why you know what you can be unemployed to walk pulg. You also do not wish that the too high heels to where you are stopped more stop than before. The purchase of a pair of groups is always due to consider. It is made them feel as if you within a pair of sport slippers were nowadays, reason why has the good comfort with the suitable appearance. But one does not finish buying the groups, that asegrese of are done specifically for type of shoes that wears.

You would like open or closed – toe with his dress, lady? If you do not glide in obtaining a pedicura, or making one you same, shortages do not go with the fingers. But to have the fingers shortages is what you love, the plan of hydration in the manufacture of the feet and the elimination of a cruel ritual, thus beforehand. You do not want to draw attention on his feet if they do not see themselves well. To break those shoes in! He does not hope until the day that he begins to use those shoes. Most of the time in that to take heels would sit down uncomfortable, once tmese the time to the day for the wearing down and plows for the first time of the same, your feet will thank for it. Unfortunately, all they happen looking for the suitable shoes all along to us, and it never uses them during all night, never matters more. It tries to make his purchase is worth the pain, something that is going to take again, because they see well and comfortable, so it will not lose nor a cent. It arrives is what I am going to offer to them. Perhaps you known all this are, I even know more than. It does not matter, you can you follow it or no, everything is the decided thing by you. Desire that will help to you in at night buying its shoes taken with dresses.

Original Decision

This is very important because you would not be ” amarrado” to a pre-established negotiation condemns that it to nonchangeable certain lineamientos. 3. It must have much taken care of with the person who sells the policy to him, must be professional of insurances, broker or ” agent cautivo” of the insuring company. It is possible to feel swindled by an intermediary, thus must make his own investigation before making a decision. You must have the freedom of being able to change, to clear, to omit, to add, whichever benefits are in his policy, clearly as long as the type is allowed it of certainly acquired What he does not have to do 1.

He does not have to buy a policy that does not establish the terms and conditions clearly which must have it with legible and understandable letter in writing, as well as after acquired this does not have to replace it by a new one until the previous one does not have use 2. He does not have to make a decision if he is not convinced than he goes to do. In that case he is preferable to hope or otherwise he upon maturity acquires a policy, which allows ” him; flexibilizar” its decision and not to acquire one in the long term. 3-NO must after acquired a determined policy, to replace it by a new one until the previous one has use. You and his family needs the best decision.

Tmese its time, does not have to make any decision if it does not have it completely defined. It consults with his family, her pair, its children, their relatives generally. It consults with his pillow. Hgale all the questions required to the person is going who it to take care of with the application of her policy and reads all the documents at great length. We are expert in helping it, we want to be their agent for all the life. Consltenos the doubts that it has.