The Family

Left a daughter and a daily routine. Perhaps check out Ebay for more information. Self-doubt and fear of losing everything. So live. He and She. A man and a woman once before losing momentum loved each other …

Julia complains that it is completely deprived of liberty actions, and lives in someone else's rules. The impression that she is back in the era of the slave system, when the husband comes to bed with a remote control watching TV while his wife cooks, washes, cleans, plays with his daughter, and then another, and sweet indulges in bed. The situation reaches absurd. Source: Dan Zwirn. Ever since childhood, overbearing mother of a little Julia to comply fully with their wishes. It all weekend instead of playing with other children in the yard, soap, washing, doing lessons with younger brother. Later in that same role Julia has to come out under the guidance of her husband. At the same time forced to marry her no one gave out, she chose the elect.

He says he would like better to do for him, and now he sat on his neck and still drive. Another story another friend of mine who has it all came together quite the opposite. They live with her civil husband for six years. That is, for a time at first just met before a joint life, but is not the point. Marina is now in the decree, raising a young son. Oleg works, to have made any money in the family (this is clearly not enough, so I have yet to ask the parents, but that's another story).