The Fast Way To The Job Interview – The 9 Points Theory!

The slightly different application guide. As an ALLROUNDER quickly and effectively applications out skin and how to optimize the invitation/effort ratio. 90 percent of all companies expect online applications today, the good old application folder passee is just too much paperwork! With these tips you can send loose 50 to 100 applications per day. Plan 1 get you the schniecksten clothes out of the closet and make a great photo of application – from professional photographers! You to want no expensive 20 – photo gallery with different poses and Qutfits.Bestehen, a single wonderful image – exclusively! -to obtain in digital form. There is the ultimate impression, then when publishing on the Internet as well as in the ALLROUNDER! This saves money and you really do not need more! Plan 2 ALLROUNDER apply only online and only by E-Mail! It’s fast and what we want – is fast. Forms on many job boards and company pages eating too much time, you can use…

Plan 3 Yes Sir, SI Senorita, yes people – a certain effort must be made in advance, to later the application machine run hot. Scan your resume, references and what else considered important tags and then create a PDF or JPG file. No date in the curriculum vitae, signature or autograph… and never look at! Plan 4 a standard E-Mail prepare, which says such as: “Here you have my application!” Whether as ALLROUNDER, Playboy, Secretary or Executive Board. Try austzudrucken – no gibberish is chosen! Plan 5 again making trouble, a decent cover letter creating – is the main point to have success with this all-rounder Shogun or Shotguntaktik.

Take the time to represent great, exceed but a page however, if possible, you’re not so great also again… Plan 6 prepare two, three or more modified versions of this letter before, which are interchangeable depending on the activity and industry. Just take any addresses in the cover letter, this part is completely deleted! No man needs in an online application and saves lots of time. Plan 7 well done! They have done most of the work. Now it is find places, for example at… Plan 8 now must be customized for each application actually just the contact in the title and in the email (!), the template for the area… are elected and off goes the post! Plan 9 shows they not back, after you have made all the arrangements. Get the applications simply and easily, one after the other, out… already you have done everything correctly, right allroundermasssig! If then no interview this coming out, you should worry seriously about your curriculum vitae. Though – no matter how many ‘breaks’ in it, people with corners and edges are usually performance and again stand ready. THE ALLROUNDER Gerd Bewersdorff