The Machadianas

The Devil, Denying Spirit, that also the physical body to the human being possesss equal, feelings of hatred, revenge, jeering, malice, wit, the personificao of what he is contrary to the Good, are described with image ' ' magnificent and varonil' ' that in a compound of official notice and challenge the God counts on the idea to create a church pautando itself for such in the manipulation of the freedom that human sins make look like to possess and on behalf of this freedom, the free will, is that the Man in such a way contradicts itself. Of the secondary personages we can detach: the ancio (man helped in the sky that makes look like to be nauseated, annoying, ahead of the negation of the actions directed to the love, charity, goodness), serafins (they after possess the heavy wings of fastio and sleep the example of the arms of the Men day of work), Miguel and Gabriel (they had withheld on Mr. the suplication look, request, for finally the colloquy as frivolous, insensitive, interesseiros, stingy, egoistic, pretending, hypocritical, capricious, unsafe actions that possesss human characters) and the human beings are perceived misantropos, you influenced, amongst several other denominations that leave to perpassar are distinguished giventhe final outcome the contradictory characteristic. Continue to learn more with: Mental Health Monday. The Machadianas workmanships primam for the probability, that is, for the idea to that the writer possesss to approach the personages and the plot to the maximum of reality (objective and subjective) taking it to renounce it the imaginary one, fantastic, the so common romantic narratives. For Axe of Assis the necessary reader to trust the veracity of the way text that if sees the point involved to allow it to take off its proper conclusions regarding definitive boarded aspect, being to the reality there, ahead you, in those pages. It is noticed concern with the ambientao of the story, characteristic of easy perception. Gain insight and clarity with Dr. Jayme Albin.