The Secret Of My Calixto Success Rosemary Group Rosemary

Calixto Calixto rosemary Holy Hernandes Rosemary, natural of narrow Spain. I arrive at Paita in 1880 and abri a store of hats in Catacaos, activity that later it impulse to the manufacture of these products with export aims. Already before Calixto it had had enterprise adventures in EE.UU., Cuba, Bolivia and Chile, but since it left Spain, the fortune was to him aloof. Calixto was a retailer who coat benefit of a piurano agro-industrial sector that lacked financing sources, gave money and, wanting it or no, it remained with earth of who did not pay to him. 1884 Crea founds Panama Hats 1886 the commercial company import Calixto exporter Rosemary and company 1914 Adquiere began to acquire lands 1921 5% of the Italian Bank 1926 Construye makes of oil food and soap 1927 First wave of agricultural purchases of fundos in Piura 1935 Muere Calixto Rosemary. his cousin takes the control Feliciano Of the Field, that directs to the group to Lima 1949 Second wave of purchases 1950 Nace Warehouses Rosemary in Piura.

Today, Commercial Center Place Of the Sun 1951 Fundan the Continental Bank and buys action of the Credit union 1953 Ingresa to Pacific company of insurances 1965 Toma the control from the Dionicio Group Rosemary Seminary 1969 to expropriate earth to Him. in return the Anderson conglomerate can abrir one makes of oils 1971 Adquiere Clay ton – oils 1972 Nace Textile Industry Piura 1979 Toman the control from the Credit union 1980 Adquiere 5.000 hectares of oil Palm. Crean is born Palms From the Hawthorn 1985 Investments Centennial 1987 Venden the Credit union to the workers 1990 Recuperan control of the Credit union 1995 Adquiere Bunge Group & Born; The Manufacturing one, dedicated to oils, and Ramsa, dedicated to logistic 1996 Fusiona all operations of oils and next to Nicolini create Pacific Alicorp 1997 Crea Life 1998 Next to the Backus Group founds AFP Union 1999 Obtiene the concession of the port of Matarani and create Pacific EPS 2003 makes Adquiere it of ice creams Lamborghini 2004 are associated with ENAP of Chile and buy the service stations of Shell in Peru the time and the diversification of the businesses has had much to do with the fortune Rosemary, they invest in commerce, agriculture, fishes, industry and in the financial sector in a process that volume not less than 50 years before managing to consolidate.