Time People

It wants to say, my freedom does not make me absolutely, but relatively independent, therefore I am necessarily dependent of the work of other people pra to exert it. Valley the same reasoning pra all the things that use in the exercise of my freedom: the water that I drink and washes me, the foods, the car, the clothes, the woody streets and sidewalk of the cities, everything that use, I received from gift of other people, exactly it buys that them. Others had shed sweat pra I to be able to say? I am a free person. Conclusion: I am wing social. Use of my freedom would have to observe this when, not to abuse my rights, to lack with my duties, nor to tripudiar on the other people’s rights, attributing only duties to them. However, I act making of account that I do not have nothing to nobody, that everything only depends on me, that the things that come me to use for spontaneous generation.

Use the freedom as if I lived outside of the space and the time, without bothering with that I to me had given to everything to have autonomy. Use the freedom without gratitude sense some. When I waste water, food, energy, the patience of the people, act as if I did not have nothing to see with the drudgery of the brothers who fight in the field, the plants, the distributions, planting, manufacturing, managing the things make possible that me to be free. I act me the completely unconscious neira and irresponsible, without giving satisfaction who he wants that he is. I find myself in the right to make dirty the beach of my leisure and as much people, but I do not feel debtor to keep it, to leave it clean for well-being of all. I find that to make dirty the beach, the street does not have importance, contante what feel I me I exempt to make everything what I want, indiscriminately, without criterion some, without suffering coercion, repression of nobody.