Training Centre Bergler In Graz With Modern Teaching Concept Profession Success

In Austria, one of the most modern training centers for nursing and health professions in Europe is the training center has developed the name \”Oxford of health professionals\” Bergler in Graz/Austria. The training centre Bergler in Graz is one of the recognized educational institutions in the area of health-care professionals international and offers a tailored basis and a perfect knowledge his State-approved training for health and caring professions according to Austrian law and international economic professionalism. Graduates who have successfully completed their training at the training centre Bergler in Graz, can count on not only in Austria, but all over the world with good professional practice opportunities in the field of health care and care and have the qualifications for top executive positions in the economy. \”If the training centre Bergler as Oxford of health professionals!\” (Originally posted: Wirtschaftsblatt 2005) is known, you can see the importance. The training is based on the philosophy, that the science and intuition as the cornerstone of any effective and reproducible therapy is visible.

This is reflected in more effective way in the overall concept. The science and the intellect are for methodical mapping, explain, justify, and monitoring – for traceability. The intuition is, however, sensing, feeling, experience, learn to detect without intellectual reflection. The intellect and intuition are two opposites, like the yin and Yang, interdependent and complementing and finally result in the whole\”Dr. Josef explains Bergler the clear guidelines of success of the Training Institute Bergler. We teach on the one hand the medical scientific foundations which give a therapy method, order and Declaration, and on the other hand the intuitive work with the therapies, which guarantees the holistic feeling of individuality\”, so Dr. Bergler continue. A broad field of activity and numerous education and training levels make the entry in the interesting branch of the health and caring professions especially in times like these very considering.